Portable Bar is a critical a part of any Catering service


At the same time as many catered activities seem to be not anything but excellent food and a chunk of stiff communique, many human beings might choose their catered event to come with a stiff drink as a substitute.

A portable bar can help rework a catering corporation into being able to create parties and events that human beings will keep in mind for the long term to return.

Having your transportable bar on wheels and capable of being folded up approach that the party is going anyplace you need it to and it isn’t always that tough to transport around.

These portable bars don’t soak up all that much space when in use and even less area while being transported.

They are high-quality for:

  • Birthday events
  • Weddings
  • Pool parties
  • Workplace get-togethers
  • Features
  • Graduations

Elements of a portable Bar defined

Whilst you would possibly already apprehend what a portable bar is intended to do, it might not be so clear what it would look like or what every character element is meant to do.

These transportable bar systems are plenty extra complicated than you would possibly assume however not a lot so they may be tough to apply. It is well worth taking a take a look at all the extraordinary factors of a transportable bar to get better information about them.

The metallic body of Your transportable Bar

That is one of the maximum essential factors as it’s far what holds the whole bar together. The bar is built out of industrial-grade metal because of this that it is very long-lasting and can resist all of the everyday bumps and bruises that tend to appear when many liquids are being served.

The steel does make the portable bar a chunk heavy, however, the four wheels that are additionally lockable make shifting it round as simple as giving it a touch push.

Panels at the portable Bar

This is going to be the first part wherein the advent is in reality critical. Those acrylic panels might be featured on the front and aspects of the transportable bar.

They’re translucent which means if deciding to feature any shape of LED lighting fixtures that it’ll shine properly thru the panels. The panels had been designed to cover all edges of the portable maximizing the gap for advertising or different designs. 

Your very own non-public emblem or a special design for the unique event you are catering.

Portable Bar Countertop

Each bar wishes a counter pinnacle and of the path, the portable bar is protected. Similar to the panels, the countertop may be made from an acrylic material permitting you to place menus or something else of visible interest below without having to worry about anything being spilled on it.

Folding shelves on the transportable Bar

Not every event to which you carry the portable bar could be equal and your bar wishes to be flexible enough to house the wishes of the different styles of events.

That is why the folding shelves are one of these incredible characteristics – because they will let you prop them up while they may be needed and fold them down when they aren’t, supplying you with extra room to work.

There is one simply under-the-counter pinnacle this is remarkable for storing canned drinks to make blended beverages with or for non-alcohol drinking guests.


A portable bar is a great addition to any catering company because it allows you to create unique and memorable events that people will enjoy. The key elements of a portable bar are the metal frame, the panels, the countertop, and the folding shelves. These features make it easy to set up and take down your bar, as well as provide a great space for serving drinks and displaying information about your company.

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