Inheritance is the authority of appointing another person with the power to represent the legitimate heirs of a dead person before the UAE courts start and conclude the probate process. This power of attorney is utilized to acquire the probate order and divide the deceased person’s inheritance among the legitimate heirs. The current power of attorney (POA) is a need, but your estate plan also calls for other things. Every estate plan requires a power of attorney (POA). However, estate planners often oversell its importance. Without adequate planning, the inadequacies of POAs might come back to harm you or your heirs.

You must explain the POA’s purposes and boundaries to your heirs and yourself. You’ll discover that a POA isn’t enough to protect yourself and the estate. You designate an agent in a POA to act on your behalf when you cannot, handling activities like paying payments and managing assets. Without the POA, your family would likely have to incur the expense, time commitment, and public scrutiny of requesting a court to choose a guardian or custodian to handle your affairs.

Definition of Power Of Attorney for Inheritance

Giving authority to a lawyer or law firm to represent you through the succession process is included in this action. For this to be achievable, you must be the legitimate inheritor of the above property. The benefit of having a power of attorney is that you won’t have to spend time and effort keeping up with court cases and other criminal procedures that you may no longer be familiar with.

As a result, finishing the succession process via a law firm or an attorney in the UAE is simpler. Because some people must inherit property within the UAE even if they no longer reside there, many people have found it advantageous to employ a power of attorney in their succession plans.

What is Power of Attorney (POA)?

An essential legal instrument known as a power of attorney (POA) enables an individual to designate another person or entity to handle his or her money, medical issues, and property (Power of attorney for the property) while they are away. This individual is referred to as the principal, donor, or grantor, and she gives the other person the authority to act on her behalf. A power of attorney agent has been granted authorization.

Why is Power of Attorney for Inheritance required?

When a person’s legal heirs are located overseas and want to select someone to handle the court-ordered probate procedures, they must utilize an inheritance power of attorney. This power of attorney gives the agent the authority to represent the legal heirs in court proceedings and, if necessary, to choose legal counsel for the heirs’ legal representation.

Process of Signature

Based on your jurisdiction, the procedure for signing your inherited power of attorney will be as follows after we have finished the draft:

Stage 1: Create a sign for usage in the UAE

An inheritance power of attorney may be signed before a UAE Notary Public if you live there. A succession power of attorney is enforceable anywhere in the UAE, regardless of where it was signed. We provide complete support for creating and notarizing a power of attorney in the United Arab Emirates.

Stage 2: Power of Attorney intended to use within the UAE

If you live outside of the UAE, you may execute an inheritance power of attorney in front of a Notary Public in your home nation. Before it may be utilized in the UAE after being signed, the following government offices’ attestations are needed:

  1. In your home country
  • The foreign ministry of the home nation
  • UAE Embassy of the home nation
  1. United Arab Emirates
  • UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • UAE Ministry of Justice after Arabic translation.

Stage 3. Power of Attorney for use outside the UAE

You may sign an inheritance power of attorney before a Notary Public in the UAE. The following government ministries’ attestations are necessary, depending on the nation in which a power of attorney will be used:

  • Foreign Ministry of the United Arab Emirates
  • Consulate or embassy of the country where a power of attorney will be utilized.

Power of Attorney for Inheritance for UAE Residents

If you live in the United Arab Emirates, obtaining a power of attorney is more straightforward. Said, you must witness the Notary Public’s public signature on the pertinent papers. It shouldn’t matter where you signed the document as long as the Notary Public has attested to it; it should be enforceable everywhere in the UAE. If you are a resident, you’ll see that there are fewer steps to be taken. 

How may Notary Public Dubai assist you?

It should be noted that even though you may contribute to the process by signing a Power of Attorney for inheritance in the UAE, the outcome will rely on the lawyer or law company you choose to represent you. Notary Public Dubai knows how important it is to select a competent representative to handle your case. Every step of the way, our knowledgeable staff can assist you with this procedure. Don’t hesitate to contact us about any topics discussed in this post and schedule a consultation if you want to pursue it further.

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