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/r/memes are one of the most popular forms of online content. Whether they’re funny pictures, clever sayings, or simply images with catchy captions, memes have become an integral part of modern internet culture.

In 2008, a Reddit user by the name of “memebase” began hosting collections of popular memes on the site. Today, memebase is still one of the most popular resources for finding and sharing memes across the web.

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If there’s one thing Reddit is know for, it’s memes. Started in 2008, the site has since become a go-to destination for all things funny and quirky, with millions of users coming to explore, share, and discuss memes every day.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular memes on Reddit, as well as some of the history behind them. We’ll also give you some tips on how to create your own memes, so that you can start making your own content that people will love!

What is  /r/Memes?

Memes are a type of image or video that is shared online to make a point or to have fun.

A meme is an image or video that is typically associated with a particular topic or phrase. It is often used as a way to make a point, or to have fun.

Memes are often created by sharing images or videos that are related in some way. For example, someone might share an image of Barack Obama with the phrase “fake news.” This image would be called a “meme” because it is related to memes about fake news.

Other times, people might share images or videos that are just funny. For example, someone might share an image of a cat saying “meow.” This image would be called a “meme” because it is related to memes about cats.

There are many different types of memes, and they can be very funny. They are often shared on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and they can be quite popular.

History of Memes

Memes are an ancient form of communication that predates written language.

2. Memes have roots in pop culture

Memes first emerged on 4chan in the early 2000s, and quickly spread to other online forums and discussion boards.

3. Memes are often used to convey a message or concept

Many memes are used to make fun of popular culture and share political messages. They can also be used to express feelings or connect with others on a personal level.

How to Make a Meme

Memes are one of the most popular forms of online content. Anyone can create a meme, and they can be used for a variety of purposes.

To make a meme, you first need to gather your materials. You will need a picture or video to use as your base, some words or phrases to add, and either an original caption or a funny one that you created.

Next, find someone who you want to share your meme with. Send them the picture and the original caption or funny one, and ask them to help you make the meme. Once they have the picture and caption or funny one, they can start creating their own versions.

Meme making tips:

1. Make sure your picture is high quality.Memes are often shared on social media, so it’s important that your picture looks good.
2. Use accurate wording.When you’re adding words to your meme, make sure they are accurate and relevant to the image.
3. Be creative!While the basic format of a meme is always the same, the way you create it can be very different depending on what image you choose to use and what words you put in it.


Thank you for reading /r/Memes, the original since 2008! We hope that this article has given you a better understanding of what we’re all about and why our community is so beloved. If there’s anything else you want to know or ask, don’t hesitate to drop us a message in the comments below or on our subreddit page. We love hearing from our users and will do everything we can to help them out. Thanks again for joining us and have fun posting memes!

Memes have been around since the dawn of time, and they are as popular now as they ever were. Whether you’re a meme enthusiast or you just stumbled upon this subreddit by chance, I hope that these 20 memes will help you get to know the community a little better. From funny animal memes to clever one-liners, there’s something for everyone on this list. So why not start browsing today?

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