Rajnath Singh welcomes court’s decision on hijab ban



Welcoming the decision of the Karnataka High Court on the hijab ban, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh clearly said that there should be no restriction on women. The Defense Minister said that all religions should follow the school-college uniform.

Addressing the women of FICCI-Ladies Organization (FICCI-FLO) on Tuesday, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said that where women are not respected, that society or country cannot develop. He said that the Karnataka High Court clearly said that there should not be any restriction on our daughters, whether they belong to any region or religion of our country. He said that all religions and religions should follow the dress code of the school.

Appreciating the contribution of women in the progress of society and the country from the Vedic period till the present time, the Defense Minister said that today women are not only working in every wing of the army but they have been given permanent commission. Referring to the participation of 2 lakh girls in the NDA exam, he said that the contribution of women in the army will continue to increase in the coming times.

‘India’s GDP may grow by 27 percent’

Talking about the participation of women in the economy, the Defense Minister quoted the former chairperson of the IMF in the year 2015 as saying that India’s GDP can increase by 27 percent if the work force of women in India becomes equal to that of men. Although he himself expressed surprise at this figure. But all the women present in the FICCI auditorium said in one voice that they would do so.

On this occasion, the Defense Minister posthumously honored Swar Kokila Lata Mangeshkar. Lata Mangeshkar’s younger sister Usha Mangeshkar received this award. This award was given by FICCI-FLO.

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