Rana Safvi explains why he wrote a book on monuments, ABP News at Jaipur Literature Festival



The Jaipur Literature Festival is being organized in a very grand manner. Many writers have come to participate in the Jaipur Literature Festival. ABP got acquainted with those who put the words on paper and met them. Historian Rana Safvi also participated in this episode. He said that different communities, different types of people live together in the country, due to which our Ganga Jamuni Tehzeeb has remained. Rana Safvi has recently written a book ‘A Saint a Folk Tale and Other Stories’.

He has mentioned many such monuments in this book, which are less recognized among the people. Talking on many aspects, Safvi told why she chose such a subject of the book. He told that people know about the Taj Mahal, but I do not mention the Burhanpur where Mumtaz died. Six months where Mumtaz was buried. Later his coffin was brought to Agra. He said that there was an umbrella of Raja Jai ​​Singh in Burhan, about which even people do not know. In such a situation, there was an effort that such cultural heritage of the country should also reach among the people, about which people know less. Asirgarh Fort is also present next to Burhanpur.

Along with this, Publisher Naveen Kishore also participated in the Literature Festival of Jaipur. He said that even after 75 years of independence, America and Western countries are asked to buy books from us. In such a situation, the need of transcript of books was felt. He said that the digitization of books was already happening, due to this Corona did not have a big impact. Today eBooks are coming along with hard copies. The books are out of the market within six months.

Balaji Vittal, who wrote the book ‘RD Burman – The Man, The Music’, also reached this festival. Balaji Vittal has written many books related to the world of entertainment. He told how he chooses the subject of books from the perspective of an author. He said that I look at every film from the perspective of a villain. Regarding OTT, he said that now the attitude about villains in films has changed. Now the villain has been given equal priority to the hero. Maturity has arrived in the film makers and audience. He told that Pran, Amjad Khan were his old-time favorite villains. In today’s time, he likes artists like Manoj Bajpayee, KK Manon, Shiney Ahuja. Will there be more stories like Mirzapur and Secret Games? On this, he said that now the villains of small towns are coming to the fore. Small town stories are becoming very popular now. In such a situation, it is very fun to write about the villain.

Along with this, another writer Rakhshanda Jalil attended the festival. In a special conversation with ABP, he told how he started writing about the monuments. She said that when I lived in Delhi, interest arose from the monuments of Delhi. After which started writing in the form of columns. He said that people do not know about many monuments. One such story is about Moth ki Masjid. People do not know why or how Moth ki Masjid was built. He also expressed his objection to people writing anything on the monuments. He said that we should inform the new breed about it.

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