Russian bombing is not stopping, today the 12th day of the war, PM will talk to Ukraine’s President Zelensky



Ukraine-Russia War: Today is the 12th day of the Russia-Ukraine war. Till now two rounds of talks were held between the two countries but nothing could be achieved. Today there will be a third round of meetings between the two countries regarding peace efforts. Meanwhile, quoting sources from the Government of India, news is coming out that Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself will talk with Ukraine’s President Zelensky. Earlier, Ukraine had also appealed to PM Modi for help. This is the first time that PM Modi will talk to Ukraine’s President Zelensky after the start of the war. It is believed that during the talks with Zelensky, there could be a discussion between the two top leaders about how to stop the war with the return of Indian students trapped in Ukraine.

Russia is continuously intensifying its attack on Ukraine. So far, many cities of Ukraine have been completely destroyed in the attack, along with hundreds of lives have been lost. At the same time, Ukraine’s President Zelensky is also not ready to give up in front of Russia. In view of this rising tension between Russia-Ukraine, now Israel, France and Turkey are trying to make a deal. Let us tell you, Russia and Ukraine will sit face to face for the third round of talks today. The two rounds of talks held before this have not yielded any result.

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has said that his country will continue to assist Ukraine in finding a diplomatic solution to the crisis, even though its efforts are unlikely to succeed. Bennett made this remark at a meeting of his cabinet on Sunday. He held a cabinet meeting hours after returning from a surprise meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow. At the same time, Putin once again spoke to the President of France. France said there was nothing encouraging in their talks. Meanwhile, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called for an immediate general ceasefire in Ukraine. He spoke to Russian leader Vladimir Putin on the telephone on Sunday.

Let us tell you, Russian President Putin is ready to stop this war waged against Ukraine, but he has said that this will happen only when Ukraine accepts his conditions. This claim has been made on the basis of talks with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. On Sunday, Turkish President Erdogan and President Putin held talks.

Let us tell you that a big condition of Russia is that Ukraine (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) should not join NATO. Russia has been saying for many years that Ukraine should do whatever it wants, but it should not join NATO. Russia claims that Ukraine’s becoming a member of NATO threatens our security. It is worth noting that experts believe that this is the main reason for Russia’s war with Ukraine. Let us tell, so far 1.5 million people have been displaced in this war of Russia-Ukraine. Along with this, hundreds of soldiers have died. Common citizens are included in this death toll.

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