Sandeep Dikshit also targeted the Gandhi family, said – there is no big leader left in the party



After expressing confidence in the leadership of Sonia Gandhi in the Congress Working Committee, now the G23 faction of the party has opened a front against the leadership of the Gandhi family. While senior leader Kapil Sibal talked about giving leadership to a non-Gandhi, in an exclusive conversation with ABP News, another member of G23, Sandeep Dixit also attacked the Gandhi family fiercely.

After the crushing defeat in five states, Sonia Gandhi called a meeting of the Congress Working Committee, and for the first time, a big decision could be taken regarding the change of leadership in the Congress. But it didn’t happen. Sonia Gandhi said that if the working committee considers the Gandhi family responsible, then they are ready to leave. But once the members of the working committee expressed confidence in the leadership of Sonia Gandhi and asked her to remain the president till the organization elections.

But the matter did not end here and finally G23 opened a front against the Gandhi family. Senior party leader Kapil Sibal, in his interview to a newspaper, openly said that leaving the leadership of the Gandhi family, now someone else should be given the command. Sibal has said that at least now the leadership has to understand the truth or else it will have to face dire consequences. However, Sibal also made it clear that he would never join the BJP. In an interview given to ABP News some time back, Kapil Sibal had said that “even if the party throws me out tomorrow, he will never go to BJP, I did not come for any post in politics, my advocacy is going well”

“We don’t have any great leaders anymore”
Not only Sibal, G23 member Sandeep Dixit also attacked the Gandhi family in a conversation with ABP News. Sandeep Dixit concurred with Sibal and said that two types of leadership run the party, one the leadership and one the faces of the organisation. Now is not the time that only the Gandhi family has a role in this. Now we do not have any great leader left. If our leadership does not understand the demand of time, then the question will arise not in the chamcho but in the rest of the people. 90 percent of those in charge, including the Gandhi family, should be shown the way out. Whatever the working committee says, they have no importance, the working committee has become a group of yes men. In Punjab also the in-charge who had gone from here ruined everything.

According to sources, there may be another meeting of G23 leaders soon. The leaders of G23 may target the Gandhi family and especially Rahul Gandhi one by one in the coming days. A formal response from the Congress party on such an attack on the Congress leadership by the G23 leaders is yet to come.

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