Sanjay Raut shared Rahul Gandhi’s letter after 22 days, said – this time will also pass



After coming under the grip of ED, Shiv Sena MP today shared the letter of Rahul Gandhi in which Congress has shown its support against the action. In this letter dated February 15, Rahul Gandhi has condemned the central agency for harassing Sanjay Raut and his associates.

Let us see what is written in the letter…

Rahul Gandhi wrote in this letter, “Sanjay Raut, I hope you have got the letter. This letter of mine supports your letter to the Chairman of Rajya Sabha Venkaiah Naidu on 8 February. The way you and your family get a central inquiry. The agency has made a target, I condemn it. In your letter, the example of intimidation by the investigating agencies has been given which clearly exposes the Modi government.” Rahul further wrote in the letter, “Investigation agencies are being misused continuously which is dangerous for democracy. The government wants to silence the opposition.” He further wrote, “I (Rahul) assure you that the Congress party is always standing firmly with you.”

Sanjay Raut has shared Rahul’s letter by tweeting. Sharing this letter, he wrote, “Thank you Rahul Gandhi! We have to fight together to protect democratic values ​​and protect freedom. It is very unfortunate that central agencies are behaving like party slaves.” Sanjay Raut wrote in the end, I am sure this time too shall pass.

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