Signs you Need to Visit a Physiotherapist at the Earliest


All of us have suffered injuries in childhood and still do when we are adults. It is very much a known fact that the injury takes time to heal properly until the tissues of the damaged area are completely fixed and the pain stays until proper healing is done.

If you are an athlete and have suffered from a sprained ankle, you must know that the pain stays in the ankle for days. Once the ankle starts to heal the pain vanished away slowly. 

But the experts that perform the best physiotherapy in Islamabad say that in some cases, the pain doesn’t go anywhere and can also get chronic. And the common pains that take time in fading are the pain in the lower back and neck. 

The best option here is to go for physiotherapy as this can manage your pain symptoms efficiently while involving zero medication. There are other major signs that indicate you should visit a Physiotherapist. These are discussed below.

Difficulty in Balancing

Balancing problems can arise due to issues in the tissues of the inner ear. There are certain structures found in the inner ear that are essential in maintaining the balance of the body. So, conditions and diseases that impact the inner ear such as vertigo and dizziness can be treated by using physiotherapy. 

Once the issue is diagnosed a physiotherapist can perform a number of exercises for the neck, head, and eye to get your issue resolved. These exercises can impact your nervous system and help you get rid of inner ear disorders. 

Mobility Issues

If you are noticing changes in your movement and the flexibility of your body that are causing difficulty in making even simple movements and hindering your mobility. 

Then, it is important for you to visit a physiotherapist that can help you in increasing the mobility of your body by performing certain exercises that can help you bring back the smoothness in your movements and improve your flexibility.

Experiencing Pain While Sitting

Some people experience pain while sitting at a desk. This can be in the form of backaches and headaches. Remaining in one posture and having zero movements for a longer period of time can cause cramps in the joints and different muscles of the body. This is why it is recommended to take breaks in order to keep the body moving and avoid pain. 

It is necessary to set up the desk correctly in order to hinder such issues. It is therefore important to visit a physiotherapist to know the proper ways of work habits and learn correct postures to sit. 

Diabetes Management

Exercise plays a vital role in the management of diabetes. It can help in optimizing blood sugar levels. Diabetic patients can experience issues like sensations in the legs and this is where the role of a physiotherapist comes in. 

A physiotherapist can educate the patients on how to manage their foot and legs pain in order to prevent further issues in the future. 

Uncontrollable Urination

Uncontrollable urination can impact both men and women but is experienced by women more often. It is the urge to go to the restroom again and again with such bad intensity that the urine sometimes leaks. And in some cases, there is stress put on the bladder while coughing and sneezing and this also sometimes causes uncontrolled leakage of urine. 

In such a case, a visit to the physiotherapist can help you by suggesting pelvic floor exercises that can help greatly in controlling leaking urine and uncontrolled urine. 

When the Medicines Stop Working

If you are suffering from an injury or have pain in any part of the body that is not getting better from the use of medication, then it is better to stop using medication. The other alternatives can be used which are far better than medications. And that is physiotherapy.

So, it is a great idea to opt for physiotherapy for the treatment of pain management and to reduce the aftereffects of injury. 

Constant Pain

When you get injured or feel pain in a certain area of the body it is expected that the pain will get better after some time. But if the pain keeps on growing instead of getting better and turns into chronic and constant pain and lasts longer than six months, especially in the neck and lower back pain then it is better to consult a physiotherapist to get the treatment. 


Several pain issues in different parts of the body can sometimes get chronic and serious, however, physiotherapy can help a lot in pain management and can reduce the symptoms greatly. Make sure that you give a visit to the physiotherapist when you feel early symptoms of chronic pain before it is too late. 

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