SKM bluntly said – we have no relation with farmers organizations contesting elections in Punjab



The United Kisan Morcha (SKM) on Wednesday said it has nothing to do with the two farmers’ organizations that contested the assembly elections in Punjab. The SKM accused both those organizations of using his name. He also warned of disciplinary action against those who take part in the programs of these two organisations.

According to the statement of the SKM, in its meeting in January, the United Kisan Morcha had decided that if any organization associated with it forms a party in the assembly elections, then it will not be a part of the front. He said that the Morcha had also decided that if needed, the decision would be reconsidered in April after the assembly elections.

Farmer organizations contesting elections outside SKM

He said that the farmer unions and leaders who formed parties after this decision and contested elections in Punjab in the name of Samyukta Samaj Morcha and Samyukta Sangharsh Party are out of SKM at least till April. The seven-member coordination committee of SKM had called a meeting of representatives of all organizations at Gandhi Peace Foundation here on March 14.

The statement said that but without waiting for the Morcha’s decision, the United Samaj Morcha of Balbir Singh Rajewal and the Samyukta Sangharsh Party of Shri Gurnam Singh Chaduni forcibly reached the venue and occupied the auditorium and started holding parallel meetings. According to the statement, to avoid any untoward incident, the coordination committee decided that representatives from all over the country would hold a meeting outside the lawn.

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