Smriti Irani said on Women’s Day – Government has launched many schemes for the safety of women



Union Women and Child Development Minister Smriti Irani participated in a program organized by the Bureau of Police Research and Development on the occasion of International Women’s Day. During this, he said on the topic of safety and security of women in public and work places that the central government has sanctioned Rs 9000 crore for various schemes in the Nirbhaya Fund. Out of this, more than Rs 4000 crore has already been allocated to the States/UTs.

He further suggested that if BPR&D starts some new projects under Nirbhaya Fund, his ministry is ready to accept and implement them in the next financial year. On this occasion, Balaji Srivastava, Director General, BPR&D informed about the work being done by the government to strengthen legal action against crimes against women. Addressing this conference, Union Minister Smriti Irani said that when a woman takes responsibility, she does not rest until she completes it. He said that the National Conference organized by Bureau of Police Research and Development on this occasion is very unique and important. The biggest feature of Indian women police is that they do not want to show themselves weak in front of their colleagues, society and organization. Women policemen are always dedicated to the safety of other women and they do not describe the challenges they face.

Smriti Irani said that she is aware of two important challenges faced by Indian police women and is ready to partner with BPR&D to reduce it.

1. Lack of crche facilities for women police: If the BPR&D so desires, the Ministry of Women and Child Development can arrange a crche for Indian police women at the district level.

2. Arrangement of counseling service to women policemen: If the DG, BPR&D wishes, the Ministry of Women and Child Development in collaboration with NIMHANS can arrange counseling for Indian women policemen across the country. BPR&D has done a great job of creating a roadmap for the safety of women in the workplace, society and at home for the country especially the state governments. The roadmap of BPR&D should be conveyed to the State Governments and other stakeholders. The main challenge in this is that the road map is not prevalent at the social level.

He said that to take it across the country, it will have to be taken first at the regional level and then at the state level. Law and order is a state subject. The Union Minister further said that there are 704 One Stop Centers and 36 Women Help Lines in the country, which has ensured the safety of 70 lakh women. With the efforts and support of BPR&D, we want to train more people in these help centres. She wants to provide self-defense training to schoolgirls and women in every district. He said that in every district, every police station, there should be a women help desk which cooperates with the one stop centers and the bureau can play an important role in this.

Welcoming the chief guest on the occasion, Balaji Srivastava, Director General, BPR&D reminded the series of legal enactments and amendments therein after the Nirbhaya incident. He said that the government made many reforms in the law regarding the safety of women and also implemented some new laws so that the safety of women could be fully ensured. Director General Balaji Srivastava also described some of the capacity building programs being run through CDTIs and CAPT of BPR&D, including pornographic content, help desk for women, self-defense training etc.

Tejender Singh Luthra, Secretary and Senior Officer of the conference apprised the Chief Guest and the participants about the theme. The theme of the conference is “Break the Bias”, which means to promote an inclusive approach towards achieving a wide spectrum of development objectives for women. Enhancing the safety and security of women in all places, especially in public and workplaces, is an essential requirement. The Bureau has trained Police Investigators and Prosecutors for crimes related to women, and in the last 4 years, around 20,000 such officers have been trained.

The two training centers of the Bureau are also developing as Centers of Excellence for imparting training to Police Officers in Investigation and Prosecution related to women. The Bureau also has a separate micro-mission related to the safety and upliftment of women. Senior police officers posted in various police forces also participated in this conference.

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