Sneaky tips to keep sliders for men smelling fresh in 2022


With summers soon approaching, smelly feet and smelly shoes become a common sight and you would find many people complaining about the same. Especially when you go bare feet in summers, it forms the authentic recipe for smelly feet. But how do you overcome this issue while you find your sliders to let out nasty odors? Here we list down a few tips and tricks to keep your sliders for men smelling fresh all the time:

Keep your sliders out in the sun

Sunlight aids in deterring bacterial growth and fungus. It also helps in removing any smell from your shoes and sandals. Thus keeping your sliders in sunlight for some time can prove to be one of the easiest and feasible ways to keep your sliders smelling fresh. But make sure that you do not keep them in the sun for long.

Clean your feet

One of the significant reasons for smelly sliders is the sweat that develops on your feet. Hence, to avoid sweaty feet, washing your feet often and keeping them dry at all times is one of the best ways by which you can prevent the odors in your sliders. 

Using dryer sheet

Dryer sheets are another effective hack that can be used to get your sliders for men rid of unpleasant smells and odors. Dryer sheets aid in spreading freshness and also absorbs any moisture present on the sliders. Using them is a lot easy; one needs to simply place a dryer sheet on the footbed of the slider overnight or rub the same with those dryer sheets to rub it clean. And, that’s all, you get to have fresh-smelling sliders in the next few minutes. 

Vinegar solution hack

Vinegar, though found in your kitchen, can also help to keep your sliders smelling fresh. All you need to do is to take three parts of water and mix one part of vinegar in it to form a solution. Next, fill this solution in a spray bottle to use it at any point in time when you feel like giving your sliders for men some fresh breeze. You can consider spraying this solution on your slider, allowing it to dry for about half an hour, and keeping it exposed in the sun for some time to get your sliders free of any smell.

Cleanse it with soap and water

Washing your sliders with soap water is another easy way to keep your sliders clean. You can simply clean your sliders with soap and water and allow them to dry in the air. You can also consider placing your sliders under the sun after the washing process to get clean and neat sliders.

Use odor neutralizers

If you want a quick fix and want to get over the nasty smell coming from your sliders, then you can also give a nod to buying odor neutralizers. You can easily buy them from the market and spray the same on your sliders to keep a check on the odor.

Using orange peels

Orange, besides being an incredible fruit filled with Vitamin C contents, also has other benefits. Even their peels do not go to waste and are used as fresheners. Yes, you have heard it right, orange peels can be placed in sliders for men overnight to get your sliders smelling fresh the next day. 

Wipe your feet with isopropyl alcohol

Apart from using different hacks to clean sliders for women and men, consider wiping your feet with isopropyl alcohol. It proves to be very effective in fighting bacteria that cause smelly feet. But once you wipe your feet with this solution, make sure to dry your feet before you slip on your sliders back again. But make sure that you do not use this solution if you have any cuts or wounds on your feet, as it may cause a burning sensation.   

Consume an odor-free diet

Smelly feet are the primary cause of smelly shoes and sandals. And how does one get smelly feet? It’s probably because of the diet one consumes. Ranging from all the fast food to oily foods, all these are the major culprits of smelly feet. Hence an easy way out is to consume a diet that fights odor. Keeping refined carbohydrates out of your plate while having food can help fight fungus and bacteria from reaching your feet and causing them to become smelly. Consider having a mix of proteins, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates ditching fatty foods to save your feet from smelling bad. This way, you also save your sliders from smelling nasty.


These were a few tricks that you can consider practicing to keep your sliders for men smelling fresh. Do you have more such tips and tricks in mind? Do let us know!

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