SP picks up pace in UP, BJP gets majority in Uttarakhand trends, Congress ahead in Goa-Manipur



Election Results 2022: Counting is going on in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Manipur and Goa. The figures are changing very rapidly in the initial trends. In UP, there is a tough competition between BJP and Samajwadi Party. The BJP crossed the 100 mark within the first 26 minutes of the trends. Wherein SP was at 50. But after that the SP picked up the pace. Within minutes, SP reached the trends of 82 seats and BJP remained on 112 seats.

BJP gets majority in Uttarakhand trends
In Uttarakhand too, there is a tough fight between BJP and Congress. In the first half, both the BJP-Congress were on 27-27 seats. After this BJP went ahead. In the trends of Uttarakhand at 8:50 am, BJP got majority. In 70-member Uttarakhand, the BJP bagged 36 seats and the Congress 22.

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Congress is leading in Goa and Manipur. In the initial trends of 40-member Goa till the writing of the news, the Congress was in 17 seats. BJP was in 14 seats. In 60-member Manipur, Congress is ahead in 5 seats. The special thing is that till now BJP has not got a single seat here.

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