Strong explosion continues in Kyiv, soldiers take 500 people hostage in Mariupol



Russia-Ukraine War Live Updates: Today is the 21st day of the war between Ukraine and Russia. This war going on for 21 days has destroyed many cities of Ukraine. Millions of people have fled. Meanwhile, America and its allies are continuously imposing sanctions on Russia and are engaged in trying to stop the war by talking to the politicians of both countries. Meanwhile, Ukraine announced that it would not join NATO.

After this announcement by Ukraine, it is believed that Russia’s attitude may be softened. Because preventing Ukraine from joining NATO was one of the biggest reasons for the war. Apart from this, talks are to be held between Russia and Ukraine even today.

At the same time, for the first time after Russia’s attack on Ukraine, with the help of Russian soldiers, Indians trapped in the cities of Ukraine have been evacuated. According to the report, three Indians trapped in Kherson city of South Ukraine have been rescued by Russian soldiers. After this, the Indian Embassy in Moscow has sent these three Indians (1 student and 2 businessmen) to the country via Simferopol (Crimea) and Moscow.

Let us tell you that thousands of Indians were trapped in Ukraine when the war between Russia and Ukraine started. The Government of India took out all these several times under Operation Ganga. During this, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi talked to Russian President Vladimir Putin and sought help in evacuating Indians from there. Putin had also assured the help of Indians. After this, during the ceasefire between Russia and Ukraine, most of the Indians also left, but some are still trapped. In the midst of all this, this is the first time that the Russian army has helped in the evacuation of Indians from the Ukrainian region. This is the first case of Indians leaving through the eastern border and Russia.

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