Students in tension in Russia amid war! Indian Embassy said this by issuing advisory



The Embassy of India in Russia has issued guidelines for Indian students studying in the country. On behalf of the embassy, ​​Indian students have been told that “we assure all students that at present there is no security reason to leave the country.”

On behalf of the embassy it has been said that advice was sought from the Indian students, universities present in Russia in this regard whether the students should stay in Russia or not. The embassy is in touch with all relevant authorities regarding the safety of students and Indians. There has been a slight disruption in the direct connectivity of flights and banking services between India and Russia. Students are requested to remain in constant touch with their universities. Continue your studies without any problem.

On the other hand, a series of separate intense diplomatic contacts in Delhi, Kyiv and Moscow and round the clock ground action by three teams of Indian officials in Ukraine made it possible to evacuate the students from Sumy city safely. These were the three main components of India’s “difficult and complicated” mission to evacuate some 600 of its students from the war-torn Ukraine’s north-eastern city, according to officials.

Indian students were pulled out of Sumi on Tuesday after Russia and Ukraine took note of India’s request for a humanitarian corridor to prevent shelling and bombing and ensure safe passage for the students’ evacuation.

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