Students who returned to Delhi narrated painful tales, the food and drink was over



Today is the 11th day of Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Russia’s attacks on Ukraine are still continuing. In such a situation, many Indians were stranded there. To rescue them, the Government of India has started Operation Ganga. To carry out this operation, the Modi government at the Center has also sent many of its ministers.

Last night on Saturday, a flight carrying students stranded in Ukraine’s capital Kyiv arrived at Delhi Airport, in which more than 200 students were on board. On talking, he told about the terrible scene of Kyiv, how the whole city was destroyed there and he had run out of food and drink. But we came back alive because of the Indian embassy.

The relatives were waiting for their children at the airport

The families of the students who returned from Kyiv were waiting for their lads at the airport for several hours. He hugged his children as soon as he saw them. His family had come to the airport to pick up their children with flowers, garlands and tricolor.

On seeing those children, the whole airport reverberated with the slogans of Mother India and sweets started being distributed there. On seeing the family, the children hugged and started crying. There was a very emotional atmosphere there. The worst situation in the atmosphere of war was near Kyiv. The terrible picture of the war is coming out from Kyiv itself.

very happy to see my daughter safe

The mother of Harshita, a girl who returned from Ukraine, said that I am very happy to see my daughter returned safely. Earlier it was very scary but now everything is fine. Because of the Government of India, my daughter has been able to return from there. Thanks to the Government of India. Thanks to the ministers who are there.

Harshita told that the government has helped a lot. From food to water, everything was provided and there was no shortage anywhere. After talking to the students who returned from Kyiv, I came to know how bad the condition is there. The students were living in the bunker without food and water for several days.

There was no hope of coming back alive from Ukraine

It was not expected that he would be able to come back alive but came back because of the Government of India. After talking to those students, it came to know that how the whole city has been destroyed there. There the food items have run out and the students were being discriminated against. He was not allowing us to board the train by speaking black. But after reaching the border, the Indian government helped him a lot.

Both Umar Jahan and Kamar Jahan are sisters who returned from this flight and they have come back to India from Kharkiv. He told how bad the situation is there. People eat one meal at a time. He had never thought that such a scene would ever come in front of him.

Anurag, who returned from Kharkiv, told that he has seen such scenes with his own eyes as there are scenes in films. He did not expect at all that he would be able to return alive to India, but he thanked the Government of India for running Operation Ganga.

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