Stunning Style Guide for Traditional and Dewy Diwali Makeup Look


The festival of glitz, glam, and sparkle has finally arrived, which means it’s time to swap the daily basic hues with bold and glamorous colors. We know that you are extremely excited to welcome this sparkling festival of radiant houses, embellished outfits, and glistening diyas with an illuminating smile. Basically, Diwali is the best time to try on various makeup looks, from traditional to dramatic looks for the puja, to radiant, glossy looks for the card party. To achieve these super easy and classy looks, stay with us by scrolling down the page. 

The Classic Traditional Look  

Classic Traditional Look  

Rangoli? Checked. Diyas? Checked. Sweets? Checked. Outfit? Checked. Makeup look? Still, searching for it? End your search because we are going to give you a great style guide for Diwali Puja Night that will amp up your look. 

You must have picked ethnic attire for the night, after all, puja is the best time to wear traditional clothes. To add a touch of glow and attractiveness to it, we have created a mesmerizing makeup look that will go well with anything you wear. 

Before starting the makeup, ensure to prep the skin with your regular CTM regime. This makes the base smooth and helps the makeup product to glide effortlessly. 

It’s Diwali, and you definitely want that illuminating and glowy look. For this, mix the face primer with an illuminating highlighter and apply it evenly on your face. Now, apply a full-coverage liquid foundation that gives a satin smooth finish. After that, take a concealer and conceal the uneven areas. To avoid the creases and accumulation of oil on the face, it’s always good to set the base with a translucent powder. Pick a powder that has fine particles and keeps the makeup intact for a long period of time. 

Now comes the most interesting part of the look, eyes. You know that eye makeup plays a vital role in making or breaking the look. So, for this Diwali look, we will not risk a chance and pick the best eyeshadow palette which has everything you need. We recommend you use SÉRY Aurora Eyeshadow Palette, it comes in 2 sets, one with all the vibrant colors and glitter and the other with subtle color and shimmer. Pick a shade that suits your skin tone and start applying it on the eyelids. Blend it in a windshield motion to create a crease, this will make your eyes look bigger. Now take the minimal amount of glitter and apply it on top of the eyeshadow to jazz up the look. To make the look glam, take a black matte liquid liner and create a cat eye or winged eyeliner. Grab your voluminous mascara and add drama with 3-4 coats of it. 

Finish the look, by applying nude red lipstick or the shade that goes well with your outfit and look. Put the same shade on your cheeks and blend it well. Now, take a rose gold highlighter stick, for the glowy glam.

With a few simple steps and face makeup products, you are all set to nail the look and click Instagram-worthy selfies that scream Diwali vibes. 

Dewy Look for the Diwali Card Party 

Diwali Card Party 

The high shiny dewy makeup is the trendiest look of this year. Getting ready for the card party is all the reason for you to get decked with the glossy finish makeup. The right level of shine with peach-hued lipstick will add fun to the indo-western outfit you have picked for the card party. The party night is always young, so should be your makeup! Let’s create a look that will stay for a long time and give the correct amount of glam you need.

Time to make some heads turn with the defined and arched eyebrows and make a statement with bold eyes because the bolder the better. 

Prep your eyes with an eye primer or a liquid concealer (to create a sticky base) and pat some shimmery eyeshadow on the eyelids. No Indian makeup is complete without applying eyeliner and a black kajal. Create a classic line without drawing any wings or overdoing the inner corner, for this look, we will keep the eyeliner simple. Now, apply 1-2 strokes of kajal and get a bold dramatic eyelashes by adding multiple coats of lengthening mascara. You are all set to let your eyes do the talking. 

Now, give your cheeks a dewy effect by adding a peach blush on your cheeks, without taking more product swirl the brush on tip of your nose and chin for the natural effect. Since we are creating a dewy look, let’s balance the makeup by applying matte lipstick that flatters your skin tone and topping it with translucent lip gloss. (The subtle, coral, nude, and brown will add a perfect touch to the shimmery look.)

Finish the look by applying a highlighter on the cheeks, cupid bow, and brow bone, to illuminate the high points. There you are ready for Diwali Card Party. Hey, wait, don’t forget to paint your nails with flirty nail polish color after all your hands should draw attention while you are holding the cards.   

Girls, now you are all set to roll both the Diwali look. You can keep the look as subtle as you want by applying a little amount of product. But remember, it’s Diwali night so a little extra drama will amp up your look. 

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