Telltale signs of rat infestation in your homes


Norway rats are the most prevalent in Canada and USA and they are not native but imported from Asian Region. Scientifically Norway rats are known as RattusNorvegicus, and they are dangerous. Rats are bigger than mice hence look more menacing. Rats generate the repulsive factor in human because rats infest sewer and drainage lines. They are not as agile as mice but can climb run, swim and jump but poor in vision. They are almost blind but they the ability to smell out things as they are endowed with powerful senses that enable them to move freely.  If you for instance have rat infestation seeking professional help like BBPP, the best rat control Vaughan will be considered wise.

How to identify Norway rats?

Norway rats also called sewer rats are brown and black hair on the coat and their underbelly is predominantly white or gray. They are long with blunt muzzle and have long body. They can measure from 7-incehs to 9.5-inches and they are found in most of North American continent. Unlike mice, rats have ears and eyes and are endowed with a reasonably longer tail which is little less than rat’s body and head size combined.

What are the Signs of infestation?

Mice and rats are easy to detect and identify, if you know how. You will find telltale signs throughout your home and some of them include:

  • New bite marks on woodwork and furniture
  • Capsule sized droppings on the floor and concealed places. Droppings have blunt ends.
  • Footprints of rats along the wall and smears on the wall. The smear tends to dark and greasy as rats rub their body along the wall when they run
  • Scattered food crumbs, grains, and stacked food
  • Foul odor which is synonymous with rats

How to prevent rats?

Rats are producing hundreds of babies in a year and they give birth 6 litters each. This also makes it necessary that you take immediately pest control measures.

  • Rats are drawn by piled up woods, so clear it immediately and store the wood 2 feet above the ground.
  • If you find holes in the walls or foundation seal them immediately with impenetrable materials like caulk and steel wool. Entry points are the key for accessing your home indoors and you must make sure that the above entry points are stoutly sealed.
  • Rats thrive under moisture so fix all the leaking pipes and ensure proper drainage.
  • Basement and crawl spaces usually store moisture and you must ensure they remain dry.
  • Remove water sources from outside and seal containers that store water
  • Put food products in thick plastic or glass containers and close the lid tightly.
  • Keep an eye on rat infestation and make it a point to check regularly for infestation

Mice present at home can have deep consequences so it is critical that keep them at bay. They can spread deadly diseases and render people with allergy, respiratory and intestinal problems.  Mice infestation is best to get rid by employing professionals like BBPP, the top pest control Vaughan, and remove them neatly.  You can get in touch with them on phone number 647-910-6315 or by email to [email protected] and get a free quote if you need their services.

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