The 2022 Aha Software vs BigTime Software Showdown 


More than 500,000 users around the world use the Aha software and trust its ability to support their business. The Aha software provides products that can be used to organize ideas, plan strategies, and execute them. The BigTime software is providing its services to over 2,000 professional firms. It is a project management platform where users can track time, resources, expenses, and approvals too. 

The following Aha software vs BigTime software features review will help you understand how each can be integrated with your business. 

Aha Software Best Features

There are quite a few features that make Aha a top choice among users. Let’s take a look at the products:

  1. Aha Roadmaps

One of the things that make Aha stand out is that it can be used to define the strategy of your project. Before execution, everything should be thoroughly planned out to be able to generate the results you wish for. The ideas from your customers and clients can also become part of your roadmaps as you can collect them, rank them based on their efficacy, and integrate them with the strategy. 

Likewise, you rank the features by scoring them too. This will help you improve the customer experience. Additionally, you can visualize plans, define a timeline, and see deliverables. The roadmaps feature will also give you a chance to track progress by monitoring the development of the project. 

  1. Aha Ideas

The best way to earn your customers’ trust is to listen to their ideas. The Aha software lets you crowdsource ideas in an organized manner. You can collect feedback through in-app widgets to manage them neatly. After you have collected the ideas, you can prioritize them by scoring them. The proxy voting feature will support employees to express their opinions about the collected ideas. 

You can integrate Salesforce, Zendesk, and similar apps to further collect and store the ideas. The Aha software also provides the option to conduct empathy sessions so you can invite groups of people for online conversations. This will help you gather not only quantitative but also qualitative insights about the platform. 

  1. Aha Develop 

There are also tools that support product development. The Aha software supports numerous integrations that can be utilized for the customization of the user interface. You can, furthermore, use these features to create workflows as well as automate tasks. 

Your backlog will translate as your product so you should clearly define your goals and initiatives. Therefore, you will be able to perform roadmap-driven work and maintain engineering priorities as well to streamline the backlog. 

  1. Aha Create 

The Aha project management software is also able to equip the users with a digital notebook. Your ideas are safe as you can note them down at any time and any place. You can write and make as many notes as necessary. The following formatting options let you organize your ideas and note them as they make sense to you:

  • Checklists
  • Tables 
  • Colors

There are also templates available for notes to help you simplify the process. The digital whiteboard is where you can also capture all the ideas and even draw illustrations. You can shape diagrams, sketches, and models with the help of the features available. 

Aha Demo

If you want a demonstration of the software to see the functions of each product, you can request an Aha demo. The demo can be scheduled by filling in a form that is provided on the website. 

Aha Pricing 

The Aha pricing is based on the products that it has to offer. The prices of Aha ideas start at $$39, the Aha roadmaps costs start from $59 and develop features prices begin at $9. 

BigTime Software Best Features

The BigTime software is able to provide control for various management details to resolve time and expense conflicts. Here is how you can bring more accuracy using the BigTime software:

  1. Time and Expense Tracking 

The BigTime software can easily manage time and expenses by capturing accurate details. Another benefit of using the software is that it will auto-save and auto-complete repetitive information. You can also ensure that managers get a custom range of controls too. Similarly, you can limit the information that is accessible to the staff members to avoid any errors in entries. 

You can mark the expenses as reimbursable, billable, or non-billable too. You can ensure that credit card charges are applied to projects as well. The BigTime software ensures that you are able to reconcile your bank statement through QuickBooks.

  1. Resource Management 

The BigTime software is also quite helpful in keeping up with the workload to ensure that no one is either underworked or overworked. By allocating balanced work you can reduce company turnover as well. In fact, you can access information like the ability to see who is available in relation to billable and non-billable hours, etc. 

In addition, there are configurable categories so you can group people with similar skills under relevant fields. Thus, when the time arrives, you can find resources with matching skillsets without wasting any time. 

  1. Billing and Invoicing

You can create bills as they fit your business model. You can create fixed bills or customize them for more control. Factors such as time, fee, and material can all be used to generate bills as well. Meanwhile, you can also display details like budget status, time entry notes, and tax rates. 

You can, furthermore, forecast your income by letting you manage your cash flow through WIP. In fact, you can also check how much you can invoice on a monthly basis. And finally, you can eliminate double data entry and bring coherence to the information that is used for generating bills and invoices. 

BigTime Demo

The BigTime demo is scheduled in the form of a 10-minute call to see how you can save time by automating accurate data entry. 

BigTime Cost 

The BigTime pricing is divided between three pricing options. The express pricing option costs $10, the pro plan charges $30, and the premier costs $40. 

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