The announcement of the dates of MCD elections has been postponed, CM Kejriwal said – BJP has given up



new Delhi, The State Election Commission has said that at present they cannot announce the dates of MCD elections. However, the commission said that we have to conduct elections before May 18. After this statement of the Election Commission, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal claimed that the BJP postponed the elections due to fear of defeat. Along with this, he also accused the Election Commission of working under the pressure of BJP.

State Election Commissioner, Delhi SK Srivastava said in a press conference, “The central government has raised some issues which are still pending legal investigation, we will not be able to announce the dates of MCD elections yet. We will take a few more days. We have to hold elections before May 18.”

SK Srivastava said, “We are not postponing the elections. If the integration of municipal corporations takes place before May 18, then we will have to examine the situation. So we need time now to get a legal opinion on this.”

,BJP ran away,
After this announcement by the Election Commission, Kejriwal tweeted targeting the BJP, “BJP ran away. MCD postponed the election, conceded defeat. Delhiites are very angry. They are saying that they should not hold elections? Now their bail will be forfeited. In our survey, out of 272 seats, 250 seats were coming. Now more than 260 will come. But the Election Commission should not have come under the pressure of BJP.”

In another tweet, he said, “Can the Central Government “instruct” any Election Commission to postpone or cancel an election? Under which provision? Are these “guidelines” binding on the Election Commission? Why is the Election Commission bowing under pressure? Modi ji won’t even conduct elections in this country now?”

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