The Highest Quality Leather Suitable for a Backpack


When you first look at the bag, it’s possible that you won’t be able to discern the difference between the types of leather that were used to make it. Words and phrases such as “full grain,” “top grain,” “genuine,” and “bonded” may show up throughout your search. It’s possible that this doesn’t mean anything to some people, but failing to investigate what each of these terms means is the same as turning up to an exam without any writing instrument.

Full Grain Leather

The topmost layer of the hide is prized for its beauty and durability. When you look at it more carefully, you can make out the individual follicles, which are small spots where the animal’s hair used to be. Because the animal was allowed to live out its life, this leather may contain defects. Full Grain Leather is considered the highest grade of leather and will keep some of its water-resistant properties over time.

Top Grain Leather

It is comparable to full grain leather, except that it is often sanded to eliminate scars and other imperfections. Because of this, the genuine leather backpack will become somewhat less rigid and robust after being treated. Because of this, it works very well for tote bags and other bags that have less structure. Be aware that many types of leather that call themselves full grain are “rectified” in this manner. One of these leathers is Chromexcel, which is maybe the most popular boot leather.

Genuine Leather

The one that leaves the greatest room for misunderstanding! To explain it more simply, it is a kind of leather that has been rectified to give it an appearance that is more consistent and desirable. The act of accomplishing this, much like the process of making top grain leather, removes some of the desirable features that full grain leather brings.

Bonded Leather

The name pretty much sums it all up. After being glued together and completed with latex and paint, it is manufactured from scraps set aside during the tanning process and used to construct the item. It’s not of a high grade and often takes away everything that makes genuine leather backpack so attractive.

Manufacturing, Philosophy, and Professional Responsibility

The process used to make the bag is the last thing you should look for and consider when purchasing a leather bag of good quality. Choose to buy items that were crafted by hand. In addition, the use of this method of manufacture ensures that the final product will have the finest possible quality and finish. 

In this way, you will be able to know where the leather comes from, what treatment they give it, and at the same time, you will be able to find out more about the company that makes these leather bags. Be aware of the possibility that the procedure by which the genuine leather backpack is processed may or may not be harmful to either humans or the environment.

And that is all that you should look for when shopping for a leather bag; remember to get a bag that you enjoy and matches your requirements, and you will find that using the bag will make you feel good and joyful consistently.

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