The importance of online courses in helping students prepare for competitive examinations in India


In the Indian educational sector the competitive examinations consist of a significant market dedicated towards providing support to the students so that they can ace these examinations.  In most cases the following sector made use of the traditional method of teaching where the students were required to attend classes in physical classrooms in the Educational Institutes that were developed specifically to support students preparing for competitive examinations. However with the start of the covid-19 pandemic it became increasingly difficult to maintain this respect thereby these institutions shifted to an online education system so that support can be provided to the students. Considering this aspect it was soon found that many private organizations as well as entrepreneurs entered the educational market to sell online courses designed specifically for the students preparing for different kinds of competitive examinations in the country.

This included the competitive examinations for school students where they were preparing for medical and Engineering examinations as well as for students who were preparing for examinations to get jobs in the public sector. To sell courses online two major aspects were taken into consideration by the organizations which were the price associated with these courses and the fact that all major resources can be easily provided to the students despite the distance. It is important to highlight that in the educational sector, a significant amount of students are preparing for competitive examinations as the government has several opportunities to employ these individuals in the public services such as that of the Indian Administrative Service and even the Reserve Bank of India. However, to pass this examination it is imperative that the students have to undergo a rigorous examination schedule in the form of multiple choice questions and written answers followed by an interview before they can be provided with a place in the government.

Moreover, the syllabus to prepare for these competitive examinations is very different from what is taught in schools and colleges in the Indian educational sector. It is one of the major reasons why it is imperative that the students undertake training in these subjects so that they can become proficient in the same. The start of online education opened a new pathway for students and the country where they were provided with an opportunity to gain better guidance from trained educators who have been working in this field for a significant part of their lives and had complete knowledge regarding how this system worked. In most cases when it comes to the competitive examinations for the professionals the center is considered to be a few major cities such as that of Delhi and Jaipur, Hyderabad and Guwahati and so on.

As a result it is impossible for students living in other states to travel to these major cities so that they can undertake training in competitive examinations. However, through online education the students today have been provided with an opportunity to undertake training in the Institutions present in the city in the form of online education where they can directly communicate with the educators and guidance on how to pass these examinations. Moreover, another important factor that needs to be taken into consideration is that since the classes will be held online and resources will be provided to the students through the same medium it becomes easier to manage the cost and thereby charging less from the students. Similarly, when considering the same for students preparing for medical and Engineering examinations it becomes easier for them to manage costs as the prices charged online courses are considerably less and as a result becomes affordable to the masses.

The impact of online courses in the future

Based on these explanations it can be stated that online courses have a strong future in the Indian subcontinent as it will provide better help to the students who intend to prepare themselves for competitive examinations. Through the facilities provided in the form of online courses the students will be able to gain better guidance from experienced educators and prepare themselves accordingly for the examinations. This will help in increasing their confidence and their by pushing them to succeed.

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