The Order of Difficulty for Each and Every Shardbearer in Elden Ring


Shardbearers are a very unique and special type of boss fight that can be encountered in Elden Ring. These boss fights present the player with challenging and cinematic encounters. In Elden Ring, a Shardbearer is a particular category of boss that is defined as any boss that is in possession of a Great Rune. These are the legendary items in Elden Ring, which the player who goes by the name Tarnished is attempting to forge back together. Tarnished needs to kill at least some of them in order to continue on their journey; they need to kill two of them in order to access Leyndell, and then they need to kill one more after they pass that point.

The Shardbearers are some of the most powerful bosses in Elden Ring. Each of them is a significant character in the lore of the game and plays an important role in Marika’s Golden Order. They are some of the most difficult bosses in the game due to the fact that they are the only ones that drop powerful rewards in the form of their Great Runes; however, some of them are more difficult than others.

7 – Rennala, Queen Of The Full Moon Is Vulnerable To Physical Damage, And She Hardly Engages In Combat Anymore
Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon is the only Shardbearer in Elden Ring that most players are likely to find straightforwardly straightforward to defeat. She is the only Shardbearer in Elden Ring. Rennala is a powerful sorceress who is known for having been married to the influential Radagon of the Golden Order. She can be encountered at the conclusion of the Raya Lucaria Academy Legacy Dungeon.

Rennala has suffered greatly as a result of both her grief and her captivity. Even as the player attacks her, she gives the player very little acknowledgement of their existence. Her second phase presents a challenge, but even that is caused primarily by her summons because she only casts a small number of spells during this phase. On top of everything else, Rennala takes additional damage from physical attacks, so it shouldn’t take many tries for most players to bring her down and claim her Great Elden Ring runes.

6 – GodrickThe Grafted Is A Challenging Task That Comes Very Early In The Game.
The odds are good that Godrick the Grafted will be the first Shardbearer a player will face. He stands in the way of the most direct path to Liurnia of the Lakes, and the storyline of the game will lead you straight to him. Godrick, the Lord of Stormveil Castle, is an unquestionably powerful adversary who is known to rule over Limgrave and hunt Tarnished. Despite this, however, many people consider him to be the most powerless of all the demigods.

Godrick is not an easy opponent by any stretch of the imagination and is purposefully designed to put the abilities of low-level characters to the test; however, he is significantly simpler than the majority of his relatives. Godrick is a boss that the vast majority of players will quickly master because his attacks can be sidestepped with relative ease, and there are numerous opportunities for players to deal damage to him.

5 – Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy Is a Gimmick Fight That Offers Some Unexpected Difficulty to Conquer
Rykard is the third iteration of a very specific gimmick that can be found in games developed by FromSoftware. This gimmick involves a large and intimidating foe that can only be defeated with relative ease using a particular type of weapon. The previous iterations of this fight, the Storm King from Demon’s Souls and Yhorm the Giant from Dark Souls III, are notoriously straightforward in comparison to the other bosses in their respective games. This is due to the fact that the specific weapons used in each of those games made the battle an effortless one.

When it comes to Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy, this is not the case. The player is strongly encouraged to use the Serpent-Hunter against him, as each attack deals massive chunks of damage; however, this does not make him easier to defeat; rather, it just makes him more vulnerable. He possesses a moveset that is intricate and varied, a large number of hitpoints, and two distinct phases. Even though he does keep his one weakness in his boss arena, the combination of all of these factors makes for a boss that is decently challenging.

4 – MorgottThe Battle for the Omen King Is A Challenging One That Is Often Overlooked.
The battle against Morgott, the Omen King, is the fight that serves as the climax of the second act of Elden Ring. The player is required to overcome him in order to progress through the Leyndell, Royal Capital Legacy Dungeon, and the Altus Plateau as a whole. He is also a mandatory obstacle in the player’s path. As he stands in the path of both the Tarnished and the Erdtree, he is preparing for a significant confrontation.

He doesn’t disappoint. Morgott is not an easy boss to defeat because he is designed to test the player’s reflexes and because he has a wide variety of lengthy combos that he can chain together. On the other hand, in comparison to the vast majority of the later bosses in Elden Ring, he is not particularly punishing in terms of either the mechanics or attacks he employs. Although he presents a respectable obstacle, there are other Shardbearers that prove to be much more challenging.

3 – StarscourgeRadahn Is Capable Of Defeating An Entire Army.
The player is instructed to be afraid of General Radahn early on in the game, particularly when they arrive in his home region of Caelid. Radahn is known to be one of the most powerful figures in all of the Lands Between, and this lesson is reinforced when the player arrives in Caelid. His name is frequently lauded, and it has come to light that an entire celebration is currently being organized in the extreme south in the expectation that he will be overcome by the sheer volume of attendees.

Radahn lives up to the expectations set for him. Despite the fact that he is fought relatively early in the game, he is known for being a notoriously difficult encounter. However, due to nerfs, he is no longer as difficult as he once was. If the player faces him on their own, he poses an almost insurmountable challenge; however, they have access to a number of NPC allies whom they can call upon at any point during the battle to even the odds. However, defeating Radahn will be a challenging task even with the assistance of these allies.

2 – The Challenge That Mohg, Lord Of Blood RepresentsDespite the Application of Extraordinary Efforts
In Elden Ring, the player only needs to defeat any two of the Shardbearers in order to gain access to Leyndell. The explicitly required Shardbearer is Morgott, but other than that, any two will do. Mohg is a hidden boss that requires the player to go far out of their way in order to fight him. This can be accomplished by completing Varre’s questline or by traveling through the Mohgwyn Palace. Mohg is more optional than many other bosses.

After they have done so, they will be rewarded with a fight that is extremely difficult. Mohg’s fight is one of the more well-liked fights in the third act of Elden Ring. It is considered to be a fair challenge, but it is also a particularly difficult one. To avoid being hit by his powerful attacks, you will need to have excellent dodging skills. Additionally, parts of his boss arena will be inaccessible due to fire, and he has a sizable health pool. Even if the player completes the questline provided by Yura to prevent Mohg from using his infamous “Nihilo” attack, the player will still face a significant obstacle in the form of this foe.

1 – Malenia, Blade Of Miquella Is Infamous For Her Difficulty
Malenia, the Blade of Miquella is one of the few bosses in Elden Ring that has inspired as much conversation as any of the other bosses in the game. It is unknown where she is throughout most of the game, despite the fact that she is widely regarded as the most skilled fighter in the Lands Between. In order to locate her, the player must first finish a lengthy sidequest that spans the entirety of the game and then make their way through the notoriously challenging Haligtree dungeon.

The fight itself has a notorious reputation. Malenia possesses a moveset that is both swift and punishing. She also regains health with each hit that she lands, and she has a move called “Waterfowl Dance” that is a three-part combo that can deal multiple hits and has the potential to kill almost any player who doesn’t dodge it nearly perfectly. With a second phase that, in addition to everything else, inflicts the Scarlet Rot condition, Malenia has earned a reputation as the most difficult challenge in Elden Ring.

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