The policeman of this country killed the journalist with a slingshot? Claim about viral picture



A photo of a policeman is becoming very viral on social media these days. It is being claimed about this photo that a newly appointed police spokesman in Uganda has beaten a journalist with a guler for asking irrelevant questions during a press conference. Many Twitter users have shared this picture. It can be seen in the picture that the policeman has taken a slingshot in his hand. The policeman has a mask on his face. Many mics are kept in front and it seems that the policeman is preparing to shoot with a slingshot.

Sharing the picture, a Twitter user wrote, “Newly appointed police spokesman of Uganda slingshot reporter for asking irrelevant question, which has been liked by more than 26,000 people, while more than 7,000 people retweeted it.” has done.

Another Twitter user has also shared the picture with a similar claim.

The question is whether the police spokesperson really attacked the journalist? So let us tell you that this claim is absurd and false. No police spokesman in Uganda has hit a journalist with a slingshot. This picture is from last year, when the police recovered a consignment of dangerous catapults in Kampal. Then police spokesman Fred Enanga warned of the dangers of the slingshot in a press conference.

This picture was actually taken from that press briefing in 2021 and not from a recent press conference, as claimed. This has been confirmed by the Ugandan police itself, when Kenyan lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi tried to take a dig at the Ugandan police by sharing the picture with a false claim. After this, the official Twitter handle of the police department called it fake news.

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