The rebel group became active after the crushing defeat in the election, the Gandhi family was attacked in the meeting of G23.



After the crushing defeat in five states, the rebel G23 faction has become active once again inside the Congress. In the meeting held at the house of Ghulam Nabi Azad late on Wednesday night, apart from all other issues, serious questions were also raised on the advisors including the leaders close to the members of the Gandhi family. While political objections were raised on leaders like organization general secretary KC Venugopal, general secretary Ajay Maken and Randeep Surjewala, questions are being raised on non-political advisers close to Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi.

Let us tell you who is in an important role in the office of both the leaders.

Talking about Rahul Gandhi, the most influential in his office is considered to be Kanishk Singh, who is also an old friend and trustee of Rahul Gandhi and also plays the role of his advisor. Apart from these, Kaushal Vidyarthi and Alankar play a very important role in Rahul Gandhi’s office and both are also his personal secretaries. If a leader or worker needs time to meet Rahul Gandhi, then these two are also the medium of contact. Apart from this, both of them are present with Rahul Gandhi during all programs and appointments as secretary.

Apart from these, Sachin Rao also plays the role of advisor to Rahul Gandhi. Nikhil Alva, son of senior Congress leader Margaret Alva, is Rahul Gandhi’s media advisor. Although the G23 meeting was targeted only at political advisors, from time to time all these people have also been the target of some leaders.

Sandeep Singh is Priyanka Gandhi’s closest advisor

Now if we talk about Priyanka Gandhi, for a long time her closest advisor is Sandeep Singh, who also plays an active role in making political strategies and also works as a media consultant. Apart from Sandeep Singh, Mohit Sharma is also involved in the political programs of Priyanka Gandhi and in the role of media management. In this, another colleague of Priyanka’s team also supports. Senior party leader Ambika Soni has been playing an advisory role to a lesser extent after Ahmed Patel’s death at Congress President Sonia Gandhi’s office, and Madhavan has been with her for years as Sonia Gandhi’s secretary.

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