The Smart smoke detectors System


If you have installed a smart home system at home, cabela’s pro series vacuum sealer it makes sense to link the smoke detectors to it. For this purpose, there are smart smoke detectors, which can be integrated into the existing system via the home base.

Battery life

Since there are different batteries for smoke detectors, you should always pay attention to which one is included with your device. The long-life batteries have a runtime of 5 to 10 years and are therefore highly recommended compared to the usual batteries with a runtime of 1-3 years.


There are several ways to mount smoke detectors. You can screw the device to the ceiling or hang the smoke detector on the ceiling using a magnetic holder. You stick a magnetic pad to the ceiling and simply hang the magnetic smoke detector on it. In principle, regardless of the type of installation, it is possible to mount smoke detectors on sloping roofs.


For larger apartments and especially in houses with many rooms over several floors, you should always resort to wireless smoke detectors. Several smoke detectors are networked and if one perceives a smoke development, all devices react with a warning tone. This way you are warned no matter where you are in the house. Instead of radio, there are also wired smoke detectors, which eliminate the risk that a radio connection is sometimes not possible. Especially in the case of new buildings, appropriate cable laying is very worthwhile and there is still the possibility of a radio connection. So if you feel safer with wired smoke detectors, plan this outset and order a larger smoke detector set right away.

If you are connecting several devices with each other, it is possible to connect the smoke detectors to apps, so that you can always see what the battery levels are, and even in the event of an alarm, you know which detector has been triggered. Meanwhile, there are also smart home smoke detectors that can be connected to other devices via the home base. So if you have video surveillance at home, you can connect your smoke detectors to cameras and, in an emergency, you would see via your smartphone in which room the fire is located. For this purpose, it is particularly worthwhile to connect your smoke detectors with apps so that you could also react on the go.

Functional test

Even if the smoke detectors give a warning in case of problems, e.B. when the battery level is coming to an end, you should regularly carry out a function test. To do this, simply press the button in the middle of the smoke detector. If you then hear a beep, everything is fine. If no sound is emitted, you can often use a smoke detector remote maintenance to find out which problem is present. This is usually possible whenever a smoke detector is connected to Wlan.

What results does the smoke detector test of Stiftung Warentest provide?

In December 2020, Stiftung Warentest carried out a smoke detector test. She came to the conclusion that almost all types of smoke detectors perform well in all price ranges and that only a few models have isolated false alarms. Even the small smoke detectors, also called mini smoke detectors, keep up with the large devices without any problems. However, since the technology is constantly evolving, this smoke detector test is no longer up-to-date.

The most important user questions and answers about smoke detectors

How long does a smoke detector last?

This depends on the type of battery in the device. With long-life batteries, your smoke detector can last 5 to 10 years without a battery change. smoky sous with conventional batteries, you have to replace them every year or at the latest every three years, which is not recommended. If the battery is almost empty, you will notice this quickly, as the smoke detector beeps.

Where should smoke detectors be installed?

Smoke detectors must be installed on the ceiling in all living rooms and corridors, but should also be installed on the ceiling in the kitchen, bathroom, and, for example, workshop. Since even a small fire caused by an electrical device can degenerate into a large full fire, you are quickly warned, even if you do not see the fire immediately.

Make sure that in rooms where water vapor could rise or dust particles get into the air, thermal smoke detectors or multi-criteria smoke detectors should be installed instead of the optical smoke detector.

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