The tussle between Shiv Sena-BJP increased, Sanjay Raut now said this big thing while taunting PM Modi



Sanjay Raut Press Conference: Sanjay Raut held a press conference in New Delhi on Monday. During this, Raut has commented on different issues. He said that when elections come, many issues are brought to life and an attempt is made to give a different color to ‘Kashmir to Pakistan…’ during elections. In recent times, emphasis has been placed on religious issues rather than development.

During the conference, Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut targeted the BJP and its leaders fiercely. He said, ‘For the last 7 years, the ruling party is considering the opposition as an enemy. The country should be united on the issues of the country. He said that the issue of hijab was raised in the UP elections. Such issues are brought up during elections. He said that in the recently held five assembly elections, BJP has won in four states, while the Aam Aadmi Party has won in one state. Raut said the country and democracy need to be in opposition, adding that victory should not be hysterical, there should be no indigestion, it should be welcomed.

Prime Minister does not belong to any one party

Targeting the BJP, he said that the Prime Minister of the country does not belong to any one party. BJP leaders need to understand this. I have been saying for the last many years that Modi’s leadership is the highest in the country. But Modi belongs only to our party, group, this kind of atmosphere is being created by the people of BJP. Raut said that the PM leads the entire country. There are some leaders in Maharashtra, they should also understand this. Please tell that Sanjay Raut will meet Sharad Pawar this afternoon. He will go to meet them at their residence. During this, all the situations in the state can be discussed between the two.

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