The youth of Tamil Nadu joined the Ukrainian army to fight the war with Russia, this is the reason



The war between Russia and Ukraine continues. Meanwhile, a young man from Tamil Nadu joined the Ukrainian army to fight against Russia. A 21-year-old man from here joined the Ukrainian army to fight against the invading Russian forces after his dreams of joining the Indian Army failed to materialise. The name of the young man living in Tamil Nadu is Sainikesh Ravichandran. The matter came to light when some central intelligence officials visited Sainikesh Ravichandran’s house in Thudiyalur near here a few days ago to inquire about him.

Indian youth joins Ukrainian army

Police said the Indian Army had twice rejected Sainikesh’s application, allegedly due to length. According to him, Sainikesh had also approached the US Consulate to join the US Armed Forces. Sainikesh’s parents told officials that he was studying aerospace engineering in war-torn Ukraine and had got a job in a video game development company there just days before the war broke out.

Was doing aerospace engineering course in Kharkiv

Police said the distraught parents have appealed to the central government to trace Sainesh and bring him back to India, as he was not ready to return home. Sainikesh had been pursuing an aerospace engineering course at the National Aerospace University in Kharkiv since 2018 and had joined the Georgian National Legion comprising volunteers from the paramilitary unit and fighting against Russia. Let us tell you that since February 24, Russian attacks in Ukraine are continuing. There have been a large number of casualties here, while lakhs of people are migrating to neighboring countries.

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