There was a heated argument in the Rajya Sabha over the prices of petrol and diesel, Hardeep Puri gave this answer



Parliament Budget Session: In the Rajya Sabha, questions were asked to Union Minister Hardeep Puri regarding the rising prices of petrol and diesel (in the midst of Russia-Ukraine dispute). In response to this, Hardeep Puri said that the government is constantly taking steps to deal with the increasing burden on the consumers. By the way, petrol and diesel have been de-regulated, so the companies decide.

Hardeep Puri said that our oil company and the government are constantly in talks with the Russian Federation and many more new markets, hoping that soon new markets will open and the confusion regarding that will be removed.

Anand Sharma said that when GST was introduced, the discussion was that petroleum products would also be included in it. In response, the Petroleum Minister said that there has been a lot of discussion about this, this matter comes under the GST Council and it was discussed but this discussion could not move forward. Many states were not ready for this. This will also have to be decided by the states. The government is ensuring this and will also ensure that there is minimum burden on the consumers.

Government decides the prices but the answer is given

Congress MP Chhaya Verma said that the price of petrol and diesel is fixed by the government, when elections come, the price does not increase and when the elections are over, they increase. This shows that the government is illegally controlling the prices of petrol and diesel. In response, Hardeep Puri said that this allegation is false. The government has no control over petrol. These companies fix the price on the basis of international price. In our country, elections are held for five years, now the elections are over, then there is an election at the beginning of the year. The oil companies that are there fix the price on the basis of constraint.

The public is answering the robber

Let us inform that Hardeep Puri was told by an opposition leader a few days ago that the prices will increase as soon as the elections are over. Due to this statement, the hoarding of oil suddenly increased. To which he said that this type of statement is not correct. KC Venugopal said that the government is looting the country by imposing taxes in this manner. While Puri said that the public has given the answer to who is robbing, the security of 97 percent of the candidates has been forfeited.

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