There will no longer be a MUT Master in Madden 23 Ultimate Champion


One of the most common questions asked by returning Madden Ultimate Team players is, “What’s different in MUT this year?” This is because a new season of Madden Ultimate Team is about to begin. This article aims to provide an answer to that question, and it will continue to be revised frequently up until the release of Madden 23, as additional information is made available. You should therefore add this page to your bookmarks and return to it frequently.

In MUT 23, there will not be a MUT Master, which was equivalent to the Ultimate Champion in MUT 22. Instead, each season of MUT 23 will have its own featured player rewards that can be earned by completing objectives, very similar to how you would upgrade the MUT Master in previous years. These featured player rewards can be earned by completing the season’s objectives. For players who are successful in head-to-head competitions, there will also be a new featured player reward made available every two weeks.

Consider this to be Madden’s equivalent of the Battle Passes found in other games like Fortnite, Call of Duty, and Rocket League. If you’re familiar with these types of passes, then you can think of this as Madden’s Battle Pass. Passes are reward structures that let you earn items as you progress through the game by gaining more Madden 23 free coins and/or completing objectives. In Madden Ultimate Team 23, there will be three distinct varieties of Field Passes, each of which is completely free to use. Power-Ups will appear much less frequently in Madden Ultimate Team 23, and the majority of them will be saved for the Legends program as well as any other special programs that are introduced this year. However, many of the benefits that Power-Ups provide are now directly available to the majority of the elites themselves.

You might have seen a BND symbol in the bottom-right corner of some of the items that have been revealed so far by EA, and you might be curious about what that means. The abbreviation BND indicates that this item is “account bound,” which means that it cannot be collected, auctioned, or traded. For those who have played MUT 22, this is essentially just a new name for items that were previously known as NCAT.

The training costs of X-Factors and Tier 1 abilities are going to be lowered in the upcoming version of MUT, which is a change that players will be happy to see. When playing MUT 22, the cost to equip an X-Factor was 500 Training Points. In the beginning stages of the game, when you first start out, 500 TP may seem like a lot. This year, the cost to equip an X-Factor will be reduced to 100 TP, and all abilities in Tier 1 will be free of cost. M23’s Tier 1 abilities will each only count for one Ability Point toward your total, and this applies to the entirety of the game.

If you played MUT 22, you most likely earned a player item with a baked-on X-Factor or abilities that you wanted to use but couldn’t because you couldn’t disable individual abilities. If this was the case, you probably felt frustrated because you couldn’t use the item. If you wanted to add Acrobat to the most recent cornerback that was released but he already had a less desirable ability like Homer baked on, for instance, you were required to pay the AP cost for both abilities if you wanted to use either one of them. There was no option to just equip the Acrobat item type. With the release of MUT 23, players will have the ability to remove baked-on abilities, giving them increased control and customization options over their lineups. The fact that a player item comes equipped with a capability that you do not want to make use of will any longer render the item unusable.

John Madden, a Hall of Fame coach, announcer, and the game’s namesake passed away toward the end of 2018, and madden points pay tribute to him. Electronic Arts paid tribute to John Madden in the first installment of the Madden video game series to be released after his passing by including three different versions of the same cover art for the Madden NFL 23 video game and devoting a brand new football field on the company’s campus in Redwood City, California. EA has high hopes that the newly implemented FieldSENSE game physics will be sufficiently innovative to ensure that the legacy of the game, and by extension, John Madden, will continue to thrive for many years to come.

Nevertheless, the team has included new onboarding features in order to guarantee that players won’t just ignore it at first glance. According to Oldenburg, the game will now initiate players into a tutorial in a manner that is analogous to how MLB The Show initially asks new players to select one of several control schemes for themselves. When we say that you can make throws with this system that you’ve never been able to make before, such as back-shoulder fades or back-pylon fade routes, we’re going to be able to illustrate what we mean by publishing some developer deep dive content and blogs in the near future. These will be able to show exactly what we’re talking about. After you have mastered the system, one of the most powerful moves you can make with the ball is to put it exactly where you want it to be between zone defenders.

The development team has also added an additional layer of visual feedback to the mechanic, which will assist players in determining whether or not they are making effective use of it. The color of the reticle used in the Skill-Based Passing system will be adjusted to correspond with the feedback text. Therefore, you should know that if you get the perfect accuracy, I believe it’s that neon green color all the way down to very inaccurate, which is that red color, and the reticle is the same color as that text, then you have achieved perfect accuracy. You will be able to associate the results of your metering usage with the location of your eyes, regardless of where they are. It sounds very much like shooting the ball in the most recent version of NBA 2K or fielding a grounder in the most recent version of MLB The Show, both of which are excellent examples of similar gameplay.

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