This Indian cannot leave Ukraine amidst raining ammunition, the reason will surprise



Russia’s attacks on Ukraine continue on the 11th day of the war. Meanwhile, in order to bring back its citizens stranded in Ukraine, the Government of India has today repatriated 2,135 Indians by 11 special flights from neighboring countries of Ukraine under ‘Operation Ganga’. Since the start of special flights on 22 February 2022, more than 15,900 Indians have been brought back so far.

In the meantime, trouble has arisen for an Indian in the battlefield. The story of this Indian is a bit emotional. In fact, Gagan Moga has left the warzone amidst the ammunition raining in Ukraine, but is stuck in another city of Ukraine itself. The reason for his getting stuck is his family. Gagan’s wife is from Ukraine and she is pregnant, but only Indians can return home in India’s evacuation operation.

Caught between the rules and regulations, Gagan has to stay in Ukraine’s second city Lviv for the time being. India’s evacuation operation Operation Ganga is in the final stages. In such a situation, leaving the Gagan family trapped in the struggle to save their breath, they cannot return to India. At present, Gagan is fine, and has reached Lviv, Ukraine. According to Gagan, “We were able to get out with great difficulty. I was in the Butcha area, which was the fighting hub of the Russian and Ukrainian army. We saw missiles and bombings every second.”

We have reached here after traveling for 2 days. Gagan said that I am Indian and my wife is from Ukraine, only Indians are being evacuated from here and I cannot leave my family. My family consists of me, my wife who is pregnant, we have a baby girl and my mother-in-law.

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