This time there will be big changes in Yogi Adityanath cabinet, leave of poor performing ministers



Yogi Adityanath is going to take oath as the Chief Minister once again in Uttar Pradesh. Yogi Adityanath will take oath as the CM of UP for the second time on March 21 at 3 pm. But now people’s eyes Yogi Adityanath Not only this, but he is also on his cabinet. It has been told that BJP has prepared the complete formula for who will get a place in the government and who will be removed from the post of minister.

Accordingly, the ministers are being elected
In the meeting of top BJP leaders, Uttar Pradesh elections were analyzed in detail, Uttar Pradesh in-charge Dharmendra Pradhan kept a deep analysis of the election results in front of the Prime Minister. In this the results were classified into four parts. Which includes the education of the winning candidate, the area of ​​the winning candidate, the caste and number of the winning candidate and the age of the winning candidate. According to party sources, the candidates have been classified according to their share in the government, “whose number is more, the proportion of their share” will be made ministers in the government.

Many ministers may have leave
According to the highest sources of the party, candidates of all caste, region, age and education category will be given place in the government, the party leadership has decided to give preference to educated and young MLAs, the royal big faces of the party this time also ministers. Will be made, the ministers who performed poorly in the previous government will not be repeated. That is, many ministers can be on leave. In whose place new faces will appear in the Yogi cabinet.

The party leadership is going to increase the share of women in the government more than last time, so this time the government of UP will include more women, more youth, more educated people. At present, the preparations for the swearing-in ceremony are in full swing. After the meeting held in Delhi, it has been decided who will attend this swearing-in. This entire event will be held in a big stadium, where thousands of BJP supporters and workers will reach.

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