Top 5 Industrial Ethernet Switch Brands


An industrial Ethernet switch is an essential device designed to operate in harsh industrial environments. An Ethernet switch provides fast, reliable data communications and performs efficiently in adverse weather conditions.

What is Ethernet Switch?

An Ethernet switch is a device that connects wired devices to a local area network (LAN). These devices could be computers, laptops, routers, servers, and printers. 

The primary function of Ethernet switches is to communicate between devices in the LAN by creating networks via multiple ports. The switches are used in corporate infrastructures providing wired connectivity and Wi-Fi for wireless connectivity. The metwork switches provide faster connectivity and smoother access across devices simultaneously.

Types Of Ethernet Switches

There are two types of industrial ethernet switches: Managed and Unmanaged. 

Unmanaged Switch: First and foremost, unmanaged switches are pocket-friendly compared to managed switches. These types of switches are designed to plug in and use and don’t require any configuration.

The unmanaged industrial switches fulfil basic needs and are preferred by small and medium-sized organizations. These types of switches do not offer security capabilities.

Managed Switch: Managed switches cost more than unmanaged switches and require a skilled professional to maintain the network. These switches provide reliability and security and are preferred by large organizations such as government agencies, universities, the healthcare sector, etc.

The managed Ethernet switches provide greater redundancy and reliability.

Ethernet Switch vs. Router

No, Ethernet switch and router are not the same. While an Ethernet switch connects wired devices to a LAN, a router communicates between the internet and the devices in a home setup. The router lets you connect your laptop, smartphone, smart TV, etc., to your home Wi-Fi.

Top Brands for Industrial Switches

Cisco: Cisco offers a range of network switches providing enhanced security, reliability, and scalability. These switches are rugged, secure, and easy to use, providing secure connectivity in challenging environments and industries. The Cisco switches are resilient and enable the Internet of Things (IoT) scaling. 

Juniper: Juniper is another preferred brand that delivers reliable, high-performance, simple and secure connectivity at scale. The Juniper industrial switches reduce risk and cost without compromising performance, quality, and innovation.

WAGO: WAGO provides a range of industrial switches to ensure the scalability of ethernet network infrastructure. The WAGO switches have outstanding electrical and mechanical characteristics. The managed and unmanaged industrial switches are cost-efficient, stable, redundant networking solutions with comprehensive security functions and limit broadcast and bandwidth.

The WAGO switches are robust and are designed for industrial applications. They fully comply with standards like IEEE 802.3z, IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u, and IEEE 802.3ab.

One of the most significant features of these switches is that they have integrated web-based management and can be configured using any web browser.

Netgear: Netgear is one of the renowned names in the industry for providing networking products. The Netgear industrial switches help you stack IP addresses to increase availability and network resilience. Netgear offers three different switch options: unmanaged, plus, and smart switch solutions.

HPE Aruba: HPE Aruba network switches deliver performance, automation, and built-in analytics to support current and future business needs. The switches provide time and cost savings for businesses of all sizes.


While there are many service providers, choosing the right industrial Ethernet switch for your network infrastructure is vital for the scalability of your business. The industrial switches are reliable and work well even in an extended temperature range from −40 to +70°C.

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