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If you’re an Auspost customer, you can now track your parcels with the help of the Auspost Tracking app. The app uses GPS to track your packages as they travel between Australia Post and your door, and provides you with real-time updates on their whereabouts. You can also use the app to pause or resume tracking, and view detailed information about your parcel, such as its weight, location and estimated time of arrival.

If you’re an Auspost customer, then you can now track your parcel’s progress from the comfort of your own home. Using the Auspost My Tracking app, you can track where your parcel is in transit, see what has been delivered to your address, and even get notifications when it arrives. Plus, with the new Auspost My Account feature, you can keep track of all your account activity in one place. So why not download the app today and start tracking your parcels like a pro?

What is Auspost?

Auspost is a parcel delivery service that provides customers with tracking information for their packages.
Customers can track their parcels on Auspost’s website or through the MyAuspost app. When you place an order with Auspost, they will send you an email with your tracking number. You can then use this number to track your package online or through the MyAuspost app. There are several benefits to using Auspost tracking. First, it gives you peace of mind knowing that you have access to information about your package’s location at all times. Second, it makes it easier to keep track of your package if it goes missing. Finally, it can be a valuable tool when filing a claim if your package is damaged or lost in transit.

Auspost is a global mail and parcel company that offers a variety of shipping services to businesses and consumers.
You can track your parcel on Auspost’s website or through the app.

What can I track?
You can track the following information about your shipment:
– Order number
– Name of the recipient
– Date of shipment
– Time of shipment
– Description of the shipment

How does Auspost Tracking work?

If you’re an Auspost customer, tracking your parcel is a breeze! Just enter your Tracking ID and the tracking number that appears on your parcel’s barcode into our online tracking system and we’ll take care of the rest. You can even follow your parcel’s progress in real time on our website or through the Auspost app. Plus, if you’ve just received your package and don’t have the tracking information yet, don’t worry – we can still help you out. Just call us on 1300 739 637 and one of our team members will be happy to assist.

So what are you waiting for? Start tracking your parcel today!

Auspost tracking is a feature of the Auspost online service that lets you track your parcel’s progress as it travels from your door to Auspost’s warehouse. You can use this information to check the status of your shipment and view the estimated delivery date. You can also use Auspost tracking to find out where your parcel was delivered and who delivered it.

How to track your package on Auspost Tracking

If you’re an avid online shopper and have ever had to worry about your package, then you’ll appreciate the tracking feature on Auspost.

Auspost is a reliable mail service that provides tracking information for all of its packages, including those sent internationally. In order to track your package, you must first create an account with Auspost. Once you have an account, you can access your tracking information by logging in and clicking on “My Account” in the top right corner of the website.

Once you have created an account and logged in, you will see a list of all of your packages that have been sent through Auspost. The next step is to select the package that you would like to view its tracking information. After selecting the package, you will be taken to a page that displays all of the relevant information about the package, including its delivery date, location, and time.

If you have any questions or Problems tracking your shipment please do not hesitate to get in touch with our customer service team on 1300 796 478 or

What if I don’t have a tracking number?

If you don’t have a tracking number, don’t worry. Auspost will still track your parcel for you and send you an email when it arrives. Just be sure to provide your name, address, and contact information in the email so that Auspost can reach you if there are any issues with your order.

If you don’t have a tracking number, you can still track your parcel on Auspost’s website. To do this, enter the name of your shipment, the date it was sent, and the country where it was sent. You can also use the tracking number if you have it.

What if my package is lost or stolen?

If your package is lost or stolen, you can track it using Auspost’s tracking system. To begin tracking your package, go to the Auspost website and enter your shipment’s tracking number. You’ll then be able to view your package’s location, status, and details about the delivery. If you have any questions about tracking your package, please contact Auspost customer service.

If you have purchased something that shipped via AusPost, you can track your package on their website using the tracking number that was provided to you when you placed your order. You can also use the tracking number to contact AusPost if your package is lost or stolen.


If you’re using the Australian postal service, Auspost Tracking is a great way to keep an eye on your package as it makes its way from Australia to your doorstep. You can track the progress of your parcel in real time, and even get notified when it arrives so that you can collect it without any fuss. There’s no need to miss a beat thanks to Auspost Tracking – give it a try today!

If you’re an Auspost customer, tracking your parcels can be really handy. Not only will it give you peace of mind that your package is on its way, but it’ll also let you know when it’s been delivered and when there might be a delay. Check out our guide to track your parcels with Auspost to get started!

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