Tribute to Mirabai-Akka Mahadevi, PM said on Women’s Day – reflection of women’s decision, power and leadership



PM Narendra Modi On Tuesday, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, addressed a seminar organized on the contribution of women saints to the society. PM Modi also told about the work done for women in his government.

In the virtual address of this function held in Kutch, PM Modi said, women are a reflection of policy, loyalty, decision power and leadership. Therefore, our Vedas have given a call to our tradition that women should be capable, capable and give direction to the nation. From Mirabai in the north to Sant Akka Mahadevi in ​​the south, the goddesses of India have given voice to reform and change in society, from the Bhakti movement to the philosophy of knowledge.

PM Modi further said, in a nation which considers this earth as mother, the progress of women there always strengthens the empowerment of the nation. Today the priority of the country is on improving the lives of women. Today, the priority of the country lies in the full participation of women in the development journey of India.

Counted the achievements of the government

  • In the seminar, PM Modi said, sisters and daughters can move forward, fulfill their dreams, start some of their work, for this the government is also giving them financial help.
  • More than 80 percent of the loans under ‘Standup India’ are in the name of women. About 70 percent of the loans have been given to our sisters and daughters under the Mudra Yojana. We have increased the maternity leave from 12 weeks to 26 weeks.
  • We have made strict laws for the safety of women in the workplace. There has also been a provision for capital punishment for heinous crimes like rape. Considering that the son and daughter are equal, the government is also trying to raise the age of marriage of daughters to 21 years.
  • He said, today the country is promoting bigger roles for daughters in the armies as well. Admission of girls has started in Sainik Schools. ‘Vocal for Local’ has become a big topic related to the economy, but it is closely related to women empowerment. The power of most local products is in the hands of women.

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