Two friends trapped in a war set an example of friendship, left the flight for each other



Amidst the war between Russia and Ukraine, many Indian students are trapped in Ukraine, which the government is bringing back. Due to the war, every student is trying to leave Ukraine first, so the friendship of two friends Mohammad Faisal and Kamal Singh was so strong that even the war could not separate them from each other. Two days before the start of the war, Mohammad Faisal, a resident of Hapur district of Uttar Pradesh, got a chance to return home and Kamal Singh, a resident of Varanasi, could not get a ticket for some reason, but the friendship was so deep that both decided to return to India together. And Faisal canceled his ticket.

In fact, both Mohammad Faisal and Kamal Singh are studying MBBS in the first year at Frankivsk National Medical University in Ivano, Ukraine. Last year, both of them became friends at the airport of Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, and both started living together in the university hostel and also started liking each other.

Even the war could not weaken the friendship

According to student Kamal Singh, Faisal and I share a lot of ideas and we are also very serious about studies. I thank God that I found such a friend in college time, both of us friends always think only about studies and about our future, that is why our friendship became stronger. However, now both the friends have returned to India and are worried about their studies. Both are requesting the government to take a good decision regarding medical studies so that their year is not wasted.

After returning home, the families of both the friends were also very happy and appreciated the friendship of both. According to Faisal, his family members were happy and said that, how good the friendship is, they did not leave their hands till the end. After returning home, Mohammad Faisal told IANS that on December 11 last year, we had reached Ukraine to study, all of us students were waiting for everyone to gather at the Kyiv airport, because all of us were admitted to Ivano Frankevsk National Medical University. had to go. During that time I became friends with Kamal Singh.

friend left flight for each other

Medical student Kamal Singh further said that after this we started living together in the university. I had got my ticket two days before the war, however when I came to know from my contractor about the people who got the ticket, then there was no lotus ticket in it. After this I decided that I would not return to India without my friend Kamal. My contractor tried to explain and also said that the situation is getting worse, but I refused to go.

Explaining the reason behind this, Faisal said that, I did not feel like leaving Kamal alone. My family also told me to come back, Kamal himself also scolded me and said that you go first. But I listened to my heart and stopped for my friend. When Faisal refused to return, the very next day both of them helped their other students and left them at the railway station, giving them security. In the meantime, both of them even told each other that, as these people are going back, soon both of us will also go back together.

friendship became an example of humanity

When both the friends left their companions and started coming back, there was a big attack on 23 February and the airport was closed. Apart from this, Faisal further told that they came together till the airport but the officials present in the airport put both of us in separate flights. I returned to India by Indigo flight and returned to India by Kamal Airforce C-17. After returning to Delhi, Kamal called Faisal to meet him but Kamal was present at the UP Bhawan in Delhi where the people present on behalf of the government refused to let Kamal go, because the people of the building were worried about the students and asked them to leave. Wanted to be sent home directly by flight.

On the other hand Kamal Singh told that, my family members told me after my return to India that, always keep such friendship, never do Hindu Muslim. At present, the friendship of these two remains an example of humanity, Government Operation Ganga Through Operation Ganga, till now more than 50 flights have reached India carrying more than 10 thousand Indians from Ukraine.

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