Uma Bharti threw stones by entering liquor shops, warned to close the contracts in a week



Veteran BJP leader Uma Bharti reached a liquor shop in Bhopal’s Barkheda on Sunday and went there and broke some bottles by throwing stones. She is very angry about the liquor shop in this area and has repeatedly demanded the administration to close it. Now he has once again warned the administration to close the liquor shop and compound within a week. This video of him is becoming very viral on social media.

Uma Bharti said this by tweeting

After this, Uma Bharti made 4 tweets in a row and justified the stone pelting in the liquor shop. The BJP leader tweeted, “Barkheda Pathani Azad Nagar, BHEL Bhopal. There is a chain of liquor shops in the labor basti, which serves liquor to the people in a big courtyard.” In this tweet, he also shared the video of stone pelting.

After this, Uma Bharti wrote in several tweets, “There are workers’ settlements, there are temples nearby, there are schools for small children. When girls and women are standing on the roofs, drunk people turn to them to take a breath. They stand and shame them. The entire earning of the workers gets burnt in these shops. Residents and women here raised objections. They staged dharna in protest, because these shops are against the government policy.”

The BJP leader also accused the administration of not taking action and gave a stern warning. He tweeted, “That’s why the administration assured to shut down every time, but it has not been done for many years. Today I have warned the administration to close the shop and ahata within a week.” Significantly, Uma Bharti is supporting the prohibition of alcohol and is also running a campaign to make people aware against drugs.

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