Watch: Woman made Maggi from cotton candy, see this strange recipe in the video



Maggi has been the favorite dish of most people for a long time. From the elderly to the children, everyone is crazy about Maggi, which is prepared in just 2 minutes. However, it can be clearly seen in the viral pictures on social media that various experiments are being done to cook Maggi. Now a woman has done a different experiment for cooking Maggi. In a viral video on social media, this Maggi is being named as Cotton Candy Maggi. There is no doubt that in the age of internet, a lot of experiments are being done on social media regarding food items. Strange recipes are being used out of tradition for different dishes.

Woman made Maggi from cotton candy

From time to time, dishes with strange recipes are seen on social media. But this time people are getting angry about the woman who has made cotton candy Maggi. Maggi fans may be shocked to see this video. In the viral video clip on social media, it can be clearly seen how a woman is experimenting with Maggi. The woman is calling it cotton candy Maggi. In this short clip, a woman is shown making Maggi from cotton candy.

Cotton Candy Maggi Viral Video

To make this strange dish, he first put some butter in a pan and roasted different vegetables in it. After this he added salt, water and spices. After cooking for some time, put a whole cotton candy in it and stir until it melts with Maggi. This video, which is going viral, has been posted on Instagram from a page named Eat This Delhi. The video has been viewed more than 2 lakh times since being shared online. Most of the netizens were unhappy about the strange recipe prepared Maggi and gave their feedback too.

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