Website promotion, stability and monitoring importance


The work of a webmaster is not the easiest thing to do, requiring the constant use of a wide variety of tools. And each webmaster has his own toolkit. Moreover, this toolkit is often unique in one way or another. Since a webmaster’s job includes a lot of responsibilities. Those usually vary from simple website creation and maintenance up to its promotion and troubleshooting. And not all webmasters have the same tasks.

Basic webmaster’s tools for website promotion

The only known method of increasing the visibility of your site is its promotion. This allows you to tell a large number of people about your company, find new and loyal customers, and increase reach and traffic. This process is necessary if you want to make your company competitive, profitable, successful, and also gain the trust of customers. And it can be done independently with minimal material costs. The only caveat is that if you do it alone, it will take a long time.

Promoting a website is one of the responsibilities for many webmasters. And there are many different tools used to analyze the statistics of everything related to a website. And some of the basic tools that webmasters use are Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Ahrefs. They’re not necessarily used together. But it’s best to use them all. Because this will allow you to get the most detailed information about the promotion of the website. These tools provide vital and complex statistics about various promotional metrics. From search and ads rankings to unique visitors count. As well as some useful advices about website maintenance, stability, monitoring and promotion.

Importance of website stability for effective promotion

The main performance metrics for any website are the percentage of time it is available to users (uptime) and the overall web page load speed (load latency). These are basic metrics that should always be taken care of. That is, the webmaster needs to keep the uptime as close as possible to 99.99%, and the page load time as short as possible. But search engines and advertising services additionally take into account “core Internet metrics”.

These metrics were established by Google in 2021 and they also include the visual appeal and stability of the website and its usability. They must be taken into account, otherwise it will not be possible to successfully promote a website. In addition, these metrics include real data based on user experience of visitors to the website. And they are critical to promote and improve the website in every way.

It’s also critical to consider website metrics related to mobile devices. And to some extent, they need to be considered at a higher priority. Because Google’s search and advertising algorithms give priority to those websites that perform better on mobile devices. Accordingly, in this case we are talking about the website’s loading speed, its optimization for working on mobile devices, and its visual stability.

Best way for effective website monitoring

Website monitoring and maintenance is something website owners should not neglect. If only because without constant maintenance, the site will sooner or later stop working as it should. And this means that you will not be able to quickly find the source of problems and fix them as quickly as possible. To deal with everything easily, webmasters usually resort to using automated monitoring systems.

Currently, there are many advanced monitoring services on the Internet with varying degrees of usability. There are some very useful services with their own pros and cons. These services offer a number of additional benefits, including site optimization, security enhancements, data preservation and more. That said, these features almost always differ only in terms of fees and test periods.

For example, one of the best services is HostTracker, a feature-rich website monitoring platform. For a starter, webmasters can easily check host service on, as well as perform various other realtime checks regularly. This system will perform all procedures automatically within a set schedule. It will use various access points around the world to increase the accuracy of the checks.

This monitoring platform, as mentioned above, includes many useful tools to meet the needs of the webmaster. From manual checks to a full service plan for monitoring multiple web sites and even hosting hardware and software or a physical server.

In addition to all of the above, this service provides an instant notification system to support monitoring automation. It will literally do what its name suggests. If there is something wrong with the site based on the results of the checks, it will mark it in the logs, add a note to the statistics, and instantly notify the webmaster via the selected messaging method.

How much money you can save with website monitoring

For commercial websites, working hours are proportional to their income. Roughly speaking, 2 hours of downtime per day means the loss of 1/12 potential customers. Even loyal website users will eventually go to a competitor’s site if they can’t get the services they need from your site as quickly as they would like.

If people can’t do something quickly, they will always look for another way to do it. Moreover, some site parameters, such as database stability, can greatly affect the user experience. Others, such as web page loading speed, play a role in how a site is ranked by search engines or advertising services.

The latter is one of the most important factors for website owners. Because search and advertising rankings are key factors in promoting a website and increasing the number of users. If a website won’t appear in search results and in ads, the number of visitors and potential clients won’t increase. And that can lead to a decrease in potential profits. And perhaps even financial losses. No business owner will not be happy with such situations. And so they will need to be prevented in any way.

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