What Affects the Cost of Web Portal Development


Using the Internet, organizations use business web pages through which they can perform electronic transactions, e-commerce, interactive marketing, and much more. But creating these pages can cost a lot of money. Therefore, in this article, we will analyze what affects the price.

Every website usually has one goal – to get as much popularity on the web as possible. Accomplishing this task requires building a robust website with a great design and technology platform to keep it functional and versatile for both internal and external users to navigate.

The cost of web portal development is directly proportional to the complexity of the website and the services it provides to its users. There are three main costs of a website: firstly, the domain, secondly, hosting or hosting, thirdly, the software with which the webpage was developed, and fourthly, associated with advertising to attract visitors to the website, which is an additional cost.

Accommodation types

  • VPS: allows you to set up the software, manage multiple accounts, and other personalized services. This is a virtual server. This type of hosting allows a lot of control over the server, just like for VPS.
  • Exclusive Server: This is about having a computer for exclusive use. The cost advantage of web pages is that they are not shared with other clients and that you have complete and absolute control over the server, while the downside is the very high cost.
  • Other services that hosting can offer are FTP, email accounts, access control, performance statistics, or visits.
  • Software: A computer program used to create, edit, and update web pages. The purpose of such a program is to make it easier for the designer to work with the site and product pages through a graphical user interface that displays the desired results, the cost of a site in this category will depend on whether the software or program used is proprietary or free.
  • Advertising: Use a website or blog, email, social media, or any other platform or virtual system. The trend is to make ads more and more sophisticated and informative, which tries to meet the needs of users and provide them with the information they need to solve their problems, as well as provide additional value.

Mandatory elements in the cost of the site

1. Website design

At this stage, the purpose and scope of the website project should be determined, which should include the characteristics of the web design. As well as a content management system, as well as the number of design patterns needed to determine that all pages look different or that they all have the same appearance.

The cost of a website should cover expectations in terms of functionality and strategic elements that add business value to the website.

2. Integrations or functionality

Determining whether a website requires advanced features such as a forum, registration system, or calendar will affect the website’s budgetary costs. This price should also include whether an e-commerce service or any other system is required.

3. Social networks

Creating and implementing a presence on Google+, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook will affect the cost of a web page to the extent that they need to be customized.

4. Electronic newsletter

Using pre-existing design templates is the most cost-effective way to create an email newsletter. The custom design will increase the cost of the website.

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The cost per web page should determine the investment in “SEO” that matches the number of web pages and the competitiveness of the keywords. Being on Google’s #1 page doesn’t happen automatically when you create a website. The strategy is to research the keywords that users are searching for on Google and optimize the website for those specific keywords.

6. Configuration and tests

At this stage, it is necessary to take into account the time according to the execution schedule for the launch of the website, quality checks, and stress tests. The number and complexity of changes requested by the user will affect the cost of the web page, and this in some cases implies a return to the development stage.

All these points affect the cost of the site. Therefore, the more functions and complex technologies are present on your web resource, the higher the price for its development will be.

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