What are molle clips


Arguably one of the most innovative and most widely used products on the market today, Molle clips are one of the best ways to carry gear around with you wherever you go. Used by the military and civilians alike, these simple pieces of hardware make it easy to pack up and move on short notice while keeping your equipment safe and secure at all times. Here’s what you need to know about molle clips, their uses, their drawbacks, and how they compare to other options on the market today in terms of price and convenience.

What are their features

Molle clips have several features that make them great for attaching and organizing gear on your vest or pack. One of their key features is that they’re lightweight, so you can use them in place of heavier gear. This is especially useful for anyone using their gear for long periods of time and will also ensure they don’t weigh down your load to where it could potentially cause back problems. Another feature is how low profile they are; since these clips attach directly to a vest or pack, there’s no need to dig through a bag or other container in order to get what you need; simply open up your pouch, grab what you want and close it again. The last important feature these clamps have to offer is how easy they are to use.

How to use them on the backpack?

This item is also referred to as a dummy clip because it does not provide any structural support for whatever you’re clipping it onto. It can be used to hold more items in an orderly manner or to keep things from slipping out of place on your bag. However, because they do not add any strength to your pack, it’s important that they’re used judiciously. The number one rule is don’t overdo it; make sure everything you use them for can’t be replaced by something that provides some sort of structural support instead (i.e., a zipper). Never use them just to fill empty space in your bag; always think critically about whether or not they’ll actually serve some kind of purpose.

What can be used as molle attachments?

There’s a wide range of Molle accessories that you can use to make your pack or bag more functional, but let’s start with some basics. Molle attachments come in three basic types: pouches, packs and plates. Plates are flat pieces of fabric that let you attach another pouch or even something like a hydration bladder. Pouches are expandable bags that fit somewhere into your backpack and allow you to carry different items with different purposes. Packs, on the other hand, have straps so they can be worn directly on your back.

How to set up a military load-bearing vest?

So, you’ve just purchased a load-bearing vest for your kit. Congratulations! You made a wise choice! But how do you set it up? Luckily, there’s a really simple way to do it: Lay out all of your pouches and bags in a row, then attach them to your vest using plastic (or metal) molle clips. Molle is essentially webbing with loops that you can use to attach additional pouches or bags as needed. Every piece of Molle-compatible equipment has an area where Molle clips can be attached—just check before purchasing if you aren’t sure if something is compatible with molle.

How do I wear it comfortably?

The best way to wear a strap is to fit it across your body so that it crosses over one shoulder and passes under your opposite arm. Keep in mind, however, that different straps work better on different body types and wearing patterns. If you’re thinking about buying a strap, try out some different ways of wearing it before deciding on a permanent solution. Different carrying methods will not only affect how comfortable you feel, but also how fast you can access your gear if need be. You may have to experiment with several straps before finding one that fits comfortably and accesses easily at all times.

How do I wear it with my civilian clothes?

Molle is a grid of nylon webbing that can be seen on military bags, tactical gear, and clothing. There’s no real rhyme or reason to how it’s laid out; rather, it is just set up so that you can attach whatever type of gear you want in any given location on your belt. Although there are many different configurations, we recommend keeping things simple at first. Start with a couple pouches for small items (like flashlights) and then add other pieces as you go.

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