What are the best opportunities that reglazing of glasses offers?


How many times have you opted for reglazing glasses? Or are you just among those who get the whole glasses changed? Nevertheless, you must look for something economically smart to get your glasses done. What if you have an urgent requirement for new prescription glasses or an anti-reflective coating or anti-blue light coating. You can order prescription glasses online as well. 

There are various methods through which you can opt for an economical method and one such option is for reglazing glasses. 

What are reglazing glasses?

Reglazing is nothing technical, it’s just if you have a requirement to get a new prescription glasses, or an anti-coating for something, then these are the most helpful. The best part about reglazing glasses is that you can get an absolute new lens in your old frame. Just to get an anti-reflective coating or anti-blue light coating you don’t have to get the whole glasses changed. The best part is that this makes the method quite economical as you don’t have to get your glasses changed and still get the new lenses as required, so it helps in being light on the pocket. The best option is to get cheap glasses of high quality. 

The additional features of reglazing 

Let’s look at some of the features that can easily be done with reglazing glasses. 

Anti-reflective coating- These are much required when it comes to driving and looking at digital screens. While driving during the day, there are chances that the sharp glare from the sunlight falls right on the glasses. How is this glare caused? When the bright light falls on a smooth surface such as glasses, it causes a sharp reflection causing these glare and once you use anti-reflective coating this is completely eliminated. This coating effectively stops the sunlight that falls on the glasses. The same happens during the night, but the situation at night is quite tricky and dangerous when sharp reflection from the forthcoming vehicles and streetlight falls right on the eyes creating a blinding effect. This causes some concern for major accidents. 

Photochromic lenses- When we say magic exists, these are the glasses we are exactly talking about. And if not then read it out carefully, these glasses when indoors work as plain prescription glasses, and the moment you step out of your house, they get covered with a dark tint making them look exactly like prescription sunglasses. These smartly designed glasses adapt to the changes automatically, the tint adjusts itself according to the intensity of the sunlight falling on the glasses. This helps in completely eliminating the dilemma of switching between two glasses while going out. A perfect partner for a summer outing. 

Anti-UV coating- These are quite a requirement for the current day environment, especially for the one with fieldwork. UV rays have harmful effects on a person and we adopt various methods to protect our skin from UV rays such as by applying sunscreen and even clothes but what about our eyes. These rays fall right on the naked eyes making it quite difficult and there can be pertaining issues in the future as well. 

Anti-blue coating- What these glasses carry is an urgent requirement for every digital screen user. These digital screens are the major emitter of blue light glasses and we are overexposed with these blue lights due to the amount of time we spend in front of these screens. Blue light is part of a digital light spectrum, usually, these lights were generally associated with memory boosters and increased attention span but what happens is we are much more prone to these lights than we know. 

Excessive exposure leads to increased eye strain and fatigue and even causes major and minor headaches causing it much difficulty to work and decreased productivity. These anti-blue helps in increased productivity as all the negatives have been removed as soon as you switch to these glasses. 


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