What Are The Different Types of CBD Topicals?


CBD Topicals are products with a high concentration of CBD in them. Most brands contain one to five milligrams of CBD per mL. Among the top 10 brands, the average CBD concentration was 9.6 milligrams per mL. There are also CBD-infused suppositories.

Receptra take great pride in offering CBD products that are effective, safe, and backed by a commitment to quality and transparency. They believe in the power of CBD to help solve serious problems for people all over the world, and they’re grateful to be able to offer their products to those who need them.

Transdermal CBD

Transdermal CBD topicals provide a targeted delivery system of CBD. The oil in these products is extracted from hemp plants and may be derived from hemp or traditional cannabis. As a result, these products tend to be more expensive than other CBD topicals. While the amount of CBD in these products may vary, most contain around 70 percent CBD and other cannabinoids.

Studies have shown that transdermal CBD topicals are safe and effective, and the therapeutic effects of CBD are long-lasting without any psychoactive side-effects. Topical CBD has been shown to improve pain and inflammation in patients suffering from arthritis. It has also shown promise for treatment of eczema and other skin disorders.


CBD creams are topical products made from CBD oil and soothing ingredients like aloe vera, cocoa butter, peppermint oil, coconut oil, and shea butter. These ingredients are all combined with full-spectrum CBD oil to treat various skin conditions. Essentially, CBD skin creams are a mixture of a lotion and a hemp-based oil. These oils give the cream its moisturizing power.

There are different types of CBD creams, each of which has its own distinct characteristics. Some are more concentrated than others, while others are completely water-based. A quality CBD cream should contain at least 98% CBD, but not more.


CBD topical salves are often used to treat aches and pains, and also to improve skin health. They are available in cream, lotion, or balm form and are applied directly to the skin. Some CBD topicals are combined with other natural ingredients, such as eucalyptus or peppermint oil.

Before applying CBD topical salves, it is important to cleanse the area that needs treatment and let it dry. This will help the salve not to be diluted by moisture or contamination. The best way to apply CBD topical salves is to massage them into the affected area and then apply as needed.


CBD suppositories are a convenient way to use cannabis. They can be used to alleviate vaginal dryness and bowel pain, and are absorbed quickly into the bloodstream. They can be applied vaginally or rectally, and each suppository contains 100 mg of pure CBD. The fast absorption rate makes them an effective option for women who experience painful bowel movements.

When applying CBD suppositories, it is important to wash your hands. Then, get into a comfortable position. Place the suppository on the tip of your finger, then gently press into the vagina or rectum. If you need to, you can use a lubricant to help keep it in place while applying it. Once inserted, wait for fifteen to twenty minutes for the suppository to dissolve.


CBD Topicals sprays are a great way to get all-natural pain relief. These sprays contain a special blend of essential oils to help soothe the muscles and joints. The sprays also contain an advanced transdermal formulation that allows CBD to penetrate deep into the muscle tissue. They can help alleviate both neurologic and inflammatory pain.

Compared to CBD oils, CBD Topicals sprays have higher bioavailability and are more readily absorbed by the body. They do this by delivering the cannabinoid directly into the bloodstream, a much better method than ingesting the oil. The effects of CBD Topicals sprays are similar to those of the CBD oil, and you should consult your doctor or pharmacist before making any decisions about which product is best for you.

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