What Are The Popular And Latest iOS App Development Trends


Like most of the popular mobile technology trends nowadays, iOS app development trends also have the same implication. As the total number of iOS apps now is almost hitting the 2 million mark, there exists a norm the developer community that they should stay updated with the prevailing trends in this segment. Latest data reveals that there are almost 4 million apps available for the users currently and this figure is huge as it implies that for almost every purpose the users can have their desired applications. With the increasing number of apps in the App store, the developers need to keep a track on the recent developments/advancements. To keep pace with the increasing demands of iOS based solutions, Iphone app development services are gaining prominence. 


Well this post will throw light on the important aspects of iOS app development so that you can have a better understanding about why and how you could apply your applications and meet the business aims and objectives. 


Trending features of iOS app development


Enhanced security protocols


One of the primary trends which you should consider for your app development is the security protocols. iOS apps are no exceptions in this regard. Security of Apple’s algorithm is now known to most of us. Because of its uncompromising policies and hardcore security layers it is tough to get into Apple’s devices. An enterprise wide culture initiated by Apple helps in serving the users to develop a secure environment. Preventing data breaches and cyber attacks are the main lookout for any application. iOS apps are indeed pioneers in this direction. For example regarding the Autofill password, there is ASWebAuthentication to coordinate the website data and cookies for the purpose of signing in. With this process in practice, the device can use the authentication services for incorporating password manager applications. 


Swift programming


This is the next trend in the list with respect to iOS app development. Being the official programming language of Apple, Swift helps in reducing complexities of the process without hampering the proposed features and functionalities. Latest data has revealed that Swift has been used to write codes for more than three hundred thousand apps available in the App Store. Factors which have made Swift popular are-security, efficiency, flexibility and scalability. In today’s competitive market, all these elements are combined to deliver trend setting solutions and establish benchmarks. On April 19 2019 Apple released its stable version 5.0.1. In fact Swift 5 will add more convenience to the developers to speed up their work with utmost ease and efficiency. 


Prominence of IoT focused apps


In today’s world, IoT needs no special mention. This technique has become more and more desirable for app developers across the globe. iOS app developers have already started working on apps using which internet enabled devices can be connected seamlessly. Exceptional offerings can be embedded within apps by the developers via IoT to ensure satisfaction among the users. You can avail customised iPhone app development services to deliver the benefits of IoT in a trending way and establish benchmarks. For instance, IoT in healthcare is extremely effective as the users can monitor temperature in patients to treat them and prevent critical health issues. 


User friendly Apple Pay


The term user friendly is inspiring for app developers irrespective of the platforms. It actually brings in innovation to facilitate the users meet their aims and objectives. This concept when applied with Apple Pay will enable the users to experience hassle free transactions. Stats have revealed that Apple Pay has grown impressively and has resulted in a considerable hike of 500 percent to transact. iOS users do not have to store their card details for this. In iPhones NFC or near field communication technique does the work effectively. 


Core Machine Learning


This is indeed a great tool for iOS app development professionals. This technique has been exceptional to perform tasks related to Siri, Camera, QuickType. The Core ML integration has a strong library which provides smooth communication facilities to the targeted users. This tool has been found to be quite impressive for the purpose of face detection. For domain specific functionalities, Core ML acts as a foundation. Along with being the foundation for natural language processing, it supports the vision for image analysis. 


Well based on the discussion above you can now have some solid reasons why to opt for iOS applications. By consulting a reputed iOS app development company you can avail customised features and functionalities as per your business nature and scope. 


Conclusion: Hope the aforesaid discussion has given you a vivid idea about how iOS apps can be of value to the users across the globe. From innovative communication to performing tasks with ease, from availing interactive functionalities to experiencing smooth financial transactions, iPhone apps indulge the users to crave for more. 

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