What are the subjects included in a BSc in psychology honours?


Knowledge of human behaviour is an integral part of various psychological studies. Understanding human nature helps others effectively coordinate responsibilities and duties at an organisation, often leading to growth and development. The growing significance of psychological studies in different fields has increased students’ demand for psychology courses.

A BSc in Psychology will introduce students to the field of psychology and interrelated disciplines and teach them the theoretical and practical lessons surrounding the topic. The research and cognitive skills developed during this course will help in the personal and professional development of students.

Let’s explore the different topics taught in a psychology program.

BSc First year

As this is the introductory year, the topics covered will mainly focus on introducing you to the basics of psychology. Various study methods and the English language will also be taught as a part of the curriculum. The origin and history of psychology is the subject that professors start with. Moving on to the further semesters, developmental, cognitive, and social psychology are the main areas of focus. Developmental psychology deals with the growth and change of humans, cognitive psychology, the nature of human thoughts, and social psychology, the process of human interactions. Psychometrics and data analysis are also included in the initial year.

BSc Second year

The psychobiology of human behaviour which considers biological mechanisms as an important part of human nature is taught this year. The other topics are cultural anthropology which studies human cultures and societies, community psychology which explores how individuals connect to various economic, political, social, and cultural factors of societal life, and psychology of work which is all about individual behaviours in organisations and workplaces. 

BSc Third year

The final year of the undergraduate degree focuses more on empirical subjects and provides applied knowledge to students that can be utilised in different careers. Topics covered this year include psychology of personality, training, orientation, organisation, dynamic psychology, and various psycho technologies and learning processes. The use of psychology n education and new media will also be covered in the final semesters. The final year requires you to complete an internship and research before the final examination commences. The final year is more about developing practical knowledge and experience that can be used in various career fields.

Career opportunities

An undergraduate degree in psychology makes you eligible for careers in diverse fields. Every sector in existence today needs psychologists for its growth and development. Healthcare, education, sports, and business are some of the industries where the demand for a psychologist is high. Building a career in any psychological field is a slow and steady process and requires immense hard work on your part. In the end, it is all worth it as psychological careers bring you lucrative salaries and recognition in society. 

If you are looking for an undergraduate program that helps in your personal and professional development, there is no better choice than a BSc Psychology degree. Grab the opportunity to enrol in a course today.

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