What did the Election Commission say on Akhilesh Yadav’s allegations regarding the viral EVM video? Learn



UP Election 2022: Ahead of the Uttar Pradesh assembly election results, today Samajwadi Party President Akhilesh Yadav has made serious allegations against the UP government regarding EVMs. Akhilesh Yadav tweeted and said, “The news of EVM being caught in Varanasi is giving a message to every assembly of UP to be alert. All the candidates and supporters of SP-alliance should be ready with their cameras to thwart the attempt of rigging in the counting of votes. To protect youth democracy and future, become soldiers in counting of votes!

Along with this, Akhilesh Yadav said in a press conference, “EVMs cannot move (from here to there) without informing the candidate. If you have to move EVMs, then at least the candidates who are contesting elections. It should be in their knowledge. He said, “They (BJP) panicked the very day some places came in the newspapers that somewhere the park is being cleaned. Somewhere the house is being cleaned.”

At the same time, SP leader Swami Prasad Maurya has also made allegations against the Election Commission by releasing the video. On these allegations, Varanasi’s Returning Officer/District Magistrate Kaushal Raj Sharma said that the EVM was going to UP College for training from the storage made in a separate food godown located in Mandi, which some political people stopped the vehicle and rumored it as the EVM used in the election. has spread.

He said, “Tomorrow is the second training of the employees engaged in counting duty and these machines are always used in training for hands-on training. The EVMs which were used in the elections are all sealed in the strong room in the possession of CRPF and there is CCTV surveillance which is being watched by people of all political parties.

UP Election 2022: Akhilesh Yadav claims EVM caught in Varanasi, conspiracy to steal before results



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