What is Laser Therapy?



Science fiction has greatly distorted society’s view of the beneficial use of modern scientific tools, such as lasers.

Lasers are used in many surgical procedures that would be impossible with a metal scalpel, such as corrective eye surgery. Laser is an artificial light that does not exist in nature, but in the last half century there has been much research on the full use of laser therapy to treat other types of diseases

As a result, there is a growing interest in laser therapy among many arthritis sufferers who previously relied on alternative medicine.

To understand how laser therapy is used to treat diseases and disorders, it is necessary to explain exactly what a laser is and how it affects the body differently than ordinary light.

A laser is a beam of light that has been artificially manipulated so that light of the same wavelength propagates coherently. This allows a relatively large amount of light energy to be concentrated on a very small surface

Normally, this concentration causes a large amount of heat to be generated in an area, but the type of laser commonly used in laser therapy does not produce power levels high enough to generate heat.

In contrast, laser therapy has very interesting effects on the human body. The concentrated wavelengths of light excite living cells in the body. When laser energy is applied to acupuncture points, which are commonly used in Chinese acupuncture, the effect is similar to that of a deep tissue massage.

The focused light appears to have the same effect as acupuncture needles and can disrupt the flow of energy in the body, which Traditional Chinese Medicine considers the root cause of many diseases.

It may seem strange that something as invisible as light can cause a reaction in the body, but many successful clinical trials have shown this to be the case

Laser treatment is a very sensible option for people who have been told they need acupuncture in the holistic healing arts field, but have a strong fear of needles.

Acupuncture requires relaxation, but since it is almost impossible for someone with an acupuncture phobia to relax during acupuncture, laser therapy can be used as a “hands-free” method to achieve the same goal.

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