What Makes Centricity EHR Right For Your Practice?


One of the two EMR modules provided by a leader in the electronic healthcare market is Centricity EMR. It is a safe application for gathering, storing, and sharing patient and hospital records with other stakeholders. Medical institutions now have a software option with Centricity EMR that they can use independently or combine with existing practice management systems. Since the solution seamlessly adjusts to a hospital or clinic’s operations, this gives them room for expansion.

Additionally, Centricity medical software has a variety of features that help healthcare facilities cut costs, enhance the care they deliver, and simplify patient management. You don’t need to be concerned about the security of your data because Centricity EMR’s hosting handles all HIPAA compliance requirements on their end. Additionally, Centricity EMR adheres to HIPAA regulations by securely storing customer data.

Why should you invest in Centricity EMR? 

Patient Engagement Management

Patients can become more involved in their healthcare with Centricity EMR. They can view their medical records and communicate with their doctor online thanks to the online portal. Additionally, doctors can inform their patients by sending them information about any illnesses they may have or preventative measures, as well as a reminder of their appointments. By doing this, they conveniently guarantee that their patients’ health is maintained.

Third-Party Integrations

A scalable application, Centricity EMR can easily connect with other medical practice interfaces. In order to ensure that all systems can function properly without interfering with workflow, GE offers assistance in implementing these integrations. This gives both providers and those who are not providers access to an EMR solution that integrates well with other programs they already use.

Centricity EMR expands the operation’s capacity by enabling seamless connections with external medical interfaces. GE supports integration implementation, ensuring that all systems can connect to Centricity EMR without causing any disruptions to workflow. As a result, both providers and non-providers can now use an ERM system that seamlessly integrates with their other current software applications.

Communication Management

Through a shared interface, both providers and non-providers could collaborate on records at the same time, and each change they made would be immediately visible on the screens of their fellow collaborators. This reduces the amount of time it takes for all coworkers to update and edit tasks so that they are all simultaneously on the same page, enabling them to respond quickly to any issues that may arise.

Enhanced Quality Care

The Centricity Care EMR has a Quality Care dashboard that allows users to monitor the caliber of healthcare institutions offer. This enables them to evaluate their offerings in comparison to industry norms to guarantee that they only offer the best care to their patients.

Additionally, this feature helps them gauge the effectiveness of their care so they can make it even better.

Top Centricity EMR Features

Remote Access

Nowadays, everyone looks for simple solutions, so healthcare software has been upgraded to include tools that require less work to operate. You can download the mobile app for Centricity EHR on your smartphone or tablet in addition to others. You can check patient charts, schedule appointments, look up diagnoses, and access other data. The mobile app is simple overall and gives you access to all files and services wherever you are. It is mentioned as one of the best features by several customers in their reviews.

Customizable Templates

The large number of templates that come with the standard package is another outstanding feature. These are already part of the system, though you can modify them to suit the needs of the clinic. Additionally, you can choose from a variety of forms and change the fields to better suit your requirements. The charts and forms must look their best because they contain a lot of information. You can therefore browse through them and carefully examine each one when you order the software demo.

Patient Portal

Any Cloud Based EMR software is worthwhile if it has a patient portal, which is an important feature. It’s mentioned a lot in Centricity EMR reviews. Giving patients free access to the documents they need is the main objective of a patient portal. They have online access to their test results and can communicate with their doctors. It offers a seamless connection while maintaining the required privacy and security. Additionally, patients can study pertinent information and learn more about their diagnosis. They can schedule appointments and get reminders, which will help them remember them and avoid being late. You can see how GE Centricity EMR works and how it appears in person during the demo.

Centricity EMR Reviews

Users can easily prepare reports to follow the account cycles thanks to its simplicity of use.

Information about patients is simple to manage. Denials are easily handled by users.

The support staff is helpful and walks you through the implementation process. Excellent client service is also provided, and all of your questions are promptly answered. It takes little to no instruction to use the user interface. However, the connectivity is subpar and could occasionally cause a loss of connection. Due to frequent updates, the software frequently crashes, which reduces your productivity.

Centricity EHR Alternative – Cerner Software

Healthcare facilities can improve ROI while providing excellent patient care with the help of Cerner’s suite of solutions. To expedite patient visits, Cerner medical software makes it simple to review a patient’s clinical data. For larger hospitals and clinics with numerous specialties, Cerner software offers an organizational perspective on patient care. Doctors and practice staff can access patient information and complete workflows on mobile and tablet devices with the help of Cerner’s ambulatory solution, which also supports voice dictation. More than 55 different medical specialties are supported by the Cerner EHR’s customizable workflows.

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