What PM Modi had said, is the people of UP also going to give the same decision? From these exit polls data



Prime minister Narendra Modi Has said many times in his speech that UP is saying… only BJP will come! So what was said by Prime Minister Modi, the people of UP are also going to give the same decision? Because the exit poll of ABP News-C Voter is telling that BJP and its allies have got maximum votes in Uttar Pradesh.

According to the survey, the BJP alliance is expected to get 41 per cent votes and the Samajwadi Party and its allies 34 per cent votes. This figure of vote percentage shows that this time Samajwadi Party gave a tough fight to BJP but they could not convert this war into victory. Akhilesh Yadav used to claim that Samajwadi Party has scored a century in the first 3 faces, but in the exit poll of C Voter, this claim of Akhilesh seems to be proved wrong.

  1. According to exit polls in the sugarcane belt of UP in the first phase, BJP is expected to get 28 to 32 seats, Samajwadi Party 23 to 27 and BSP 2 to 4 seats.
  2. In western UP itself, in the second phase, BJP is expected to get 23 to 27 seats, Samajwadi Party 26 to 30 seats.
  3. BJP is getting stronger in 59 seats of the third phase. According to exit polls, Samajwadi Party is expected to get 16 to 20 seats in this phase as against 38 to 42 seats for BJP.
  4. By the fourth phase, the election has reached the region of Awadh, out of 59 seats, BJP and its allies are expected to get 41 to 45 and Samajwadi Party 12 to 16 seats.
  5. Even in the fifth phase, the BJP is ahead of the Samajwadi Party with 39 to 43 seats.
  6. In the 57 seats of the sixth phase, BJP is seen in 28 to 32 seats and Samajwadi Party in 18 to 22 seats.
  7. In the last phase i.e. 54 seats of Purvanchal, BJP is expected to get 25 to 29 seats and Samajwadi Party 17 to 21 seats.

That is, according to the exit polls, the Samajwadi Party is not seen giving competition to the BJP in any phase except the second phase. Siddharth Nath Singh, a minister in the UP government, said, the way the 2017 exit poll showed the figure, we had crossed that figure, similarly this time also the BJP’s coalition government will cross the 300+ figure. At the same time, Mohsin Raza, a minister in the UP government, said, on the exit polls, the Bharatiya Janata Party will form the government after getting more than 300 seats. Our work is our identity. We have worked for the people of UP by working in a transparent manner.

  • According to the final picture of the exit polls held in all the seven phases of UP, BJP and its allies can get 228 to 244 seats.
  • The Samajwadi Party alliance is seen around 132 to 148 seats with 3 times more seats than the previous results.
  • BSP is at number three, which can go up to 13 to 21 seats around the 2017 results.
  • Same is the case with Congress which is expected to get 4 to 8 seats.

Before the elections, it was believed that due to farmers’ displeasure, BJP may suffer in western UP. According to the exit polls, the Samajwadi Party has definitely got the advantage in western UP, but the BJP is still ahead in terms of seats. Whereas in Bundelkhand, BJP is completely dominated by the Samajwadi Party, BJP’s victory is expected in 14 to 18 seats out of 19 here. Similarly, BJP can win 77 to 81 seats in Awadh. So in Purvanchal 70 to 74, here Samajwadi Party is expected to get 40 to 44 seats. That is, overall the exit polls are giving a strong indication of the return of BJP in UP.

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