What will be the impact of Ukraine war on India including the world? Russian Ambassador Denis Alipov said these things



Russian Ambassador Denis Alipov said on Saturday that the current crisis in Ukraine will have an impact on the whole world, including India-Russia relations, and its impact is still unimaginable. At the same time, the Russian ambassador said that India can take advantage of the situation to strengthen economic ties with Russia as Russia’s western partners have refused to cooperate with it.

The Russian ambassador said the current situation has provided an “opportunity” for Indian businesses to expand their presence in Russia. The Russian Embassy posted a video on its Twitter handle containing the ambassador’s remarks. Alipov said, “This crisis will have an impact on the whole world, including India-Russia relations. To what extent it will be visible, no one can say about this.

Developing relations between the two countries

Alipov said that we believe that our relations are developing in the interests of both the countries and they are of strategic nature. Referring to the possible impact of Western sanctions on India-Russia relations, he said, “A bilateral mechanism for mutual settlement in national currencies is already in the works.” Is.

The only question is how to use it on a large scale. The ambassador suggested that the widespread use of the mechanism would help reduce the impact of sanctions. “It would be better for Indians to take advantage of this situation and more actively enter the Russian market when many Western partners have refused to cooperate with us,” he said.

Appreciation of India’s foreign policy

Alipov said that there is an opportunity for Indian businesses. It is also an occasion for India to take a closer look at cooperation with Russia.” The envoy also expressed appreciation for India’s “independent” foreign policy. “We have said time and again that we welcome India’s independent foreign policy and the strengthening of its role and influence in the international arena,” he said.

India has kept a distance from the censure resolution brought in the United Nations against Russia for the military invasion of Ukraine. Alipov said, “We have never put any pressure on them (India) and as you know, we have not put any condition. Indians are now under tremendous pressure in America.

Trying best to rescue stranded Indians from Ukraine: Russian envoy

On evacuating stranded Indians from conflict zones in Ukraine, the Russian envoy said that his government was trying its best to evacuate Indians from the eastern Ukrainian cities of Kharkiv, Sumy and Pisochin. Alipov claimed that around 3,000 Indians were stranded in Kharkiv, around 900 in Pisochin and 670 in Sumi. However, in a press conference on Saturday, Foreign Ministry spokesman Arindam Bagchi said that the process of safe evacuation of Indians from Kharkiv and Pisochin is almost complete.

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